Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My First Chalkboard Project

When I first started reading creative project boards, I was amazed that painting with chalk board paint was the thing to do. The more I looked at them the more I thought I would like to try it and started finding things at thrift stores that would look good as a made over chalkboard. As  usual, I bought everything I saw that said “I would look good with a coat of chalkboard paint…” but did I actually paint anything? Uh, that would be a “no”. :( So, as I was cleaning up my thrift store dumping grounds in the corner of our living/dining area I found this:108_0906

The first piece I ever bought to make into a chalkboard. It is a huge ceramic tray. I thought it would be nice to write a Bible verse on or a birthday wish or something… but it ended up at the bottom of the pile. So as I was cleaning (yes, cleaning) I thought, “how long could it take to give this thing a coat of chalkboard paint?”. I decided to go for it even though I was NOT going to get involved in any projects til that corner was cleaned up. Sitting on the shelf, next to the pile was this stand, that I think is perfect to hold the chalkboard…another reason to paint now, right?


So off I went to find the paint!


I have been spraying everything with primer first, but the chalkboard paint said it could be used on glass, and I was in a hurry as my pile inside was still calling my name, so I took Rustoleum at their word and skipped the primer…we’ll see…

I taped the edges using the blue paint tape. I was hoping for a nice clean edge, but the tray didn’t have straight edges on the inside, the fruit and scrolling went in and out of the flat surface. I covered the outside with newspaper ads.


And sprayed away!


Here it is waiting on me to remember to bring home some chalk to “season” it with.

Now I have my first chalkboard and an almost cleaned up corner!

Back to work!

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  1. Loveeeeeeee it :) I actually have a white plate I did the same thing to but haven't got it posted yet lol. love the platter more tho! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. CUTE! I'm still trying to find chalk board paint because I'm dying to try it! Good job on the curved edges, I can't imagine that's easy!

  3. Oh I just love it! Thanks for sharing. Be blessed. Cindy


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