Sunday, March 13, 2011

Outdoor Basket Light, Dollar Store Style!

I had a lot of fun making my Solar Street Lamp
Keen Inspirations Solar LIght (9)
and I’m glad to have the light when I pull up in the evenings!  I’ve got plans for making more big ones and some small ones for the garden. Part of the reason I was inspired to “go solar” with my light is that I am married to an electrician and am experiencing the whole “shoemaker’s children go barefoot” thing! I don’t have any outside outlets or underground wiring for anything to be hooked up away from the house. So solar is the way to go for me! It’s easy…it goes on and off all by itself, no wires and it doesn’t cost me anything extra on my light bill! :)
When I saw Cheri’s post on basket and cage lighting, I was hooked! I’m not so much into the industrial look, but I like the basket style, especially the repurposed look with the antique and metal basket type. Like this

and this

and these.

I would prefer this style of lighting on a porch or deck rather than inside my house and the only way for me to get it  outside would be with more solar lights! So I started thinking of how to make solar lights work with a basket and was rewarded with a little inspiration after a trip to the Dollar Tree!
Keen Inspirations Basket Light 
and Solar Lights!
 Keen Inspirations Solar Light
That are the same color and  just happen to fit together almost perfectly!
Keen Inspirations
Let’s make it a perfect fit!
I started by taking the chain off and reattaching it to the “bottom” of the basket…which is now the “top”.
Keen Inspirations Basket Light (2)
Then I took the solar light apart and used a hack saw to saw the small end of the plastic globe off. It took away the
“where’s the rest of the light?” look.
Keen Inspirations Solar Light (2)
Keen Inspirations DIY
Then I wrapped some Gorilla tape around the upper edge of the solar light so that it would fit snugly inside the hole in the basket. I ended up trimming the tape so that only a half an inch of the light was covered.
I added Gorilla Glue between the taped edge and the wire edges that poked into the tape to make it a permanent fit.
And that’s really all there is to it!
Keen Inspirations Basket Light (3)  
DIY Solar Basket Light…Dollar Store Style!
A close up:Keen Inspirations Hanging Basket Light
My “smart” camera kept lighting everything up so I  couldn’t get a good shot of it lit up…and those little white things?… snow flurries!!!! I guess spring isn’t here just yet.
As I look at the pictures, I see the little “eyes” where the chain used to attach to the basket. Another basket could be turned “up” and attached here to make a “ball” style light or if you are the blingy type, all kinds of things could be wound through or hung from them. Lots of possibilities to dress this up!
This the second easiest project that I’ve ever done…second to my “stone look” planter”.
Keen Inspirations Faux Stone Planter This light took about 10 minutes to put together not including glue drying time! How’s that for a fast and easy project?!?!? Oh, I almost for got thrifty! If you’ve got glue and tape on hand, the total out-of-pocket cost for this…a whopping $2.00!!!!If you have any ideas for dressing this up/changing it up, I’d love to see them!
My Solar Street Lamp received several features this week! I am so proud! :-)
  Boogieboard CottagePlease Take My New Button!Photobucket
My Family Definition Printable was “caught” by GailPhotobucket
And my Door Restore was featured at

It was an exciting week!  The Pampered Chef giveaway will be up til Wednesday night as will the opportunity for the FREE shipping and cookbook!
Looking forward to an awesome but busy week again this week!

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  1. Oh my gosh, woman! You are brilliant! :)

  2. You are such an inspiration to me! You know what I thought when I saw these basket lights? My pergola needs some of those! Hello! Another project I might can do with out a total fail. Maybe?

    See you Tuesday!

  3. Love the basket cool!!

  4. That is so funny because I was just at The Dollar Tree on Friday and looked at those baskets and had a similar though. It looks great!

  5. Such a great idea! Sharing this on Twitter.

  6. Just saw those hanging baskets at the Dollar Store this week. Now I need to go back and get some for hanging solar lights. LOVE your idea...thanks for sharing.

    Have a God Filled Day

  7. Are you kidding me! You're a genius! This is amazing!

  8. Isn't that creative! Something I never would ahve thought of! Found you over at CRAFT.
    Scissors & Spatulas

  9. That is so cool! awesome tutorial! Thanks!

  10. I think this is great. I love how inexpensively you were able to make this! Thanks for sharing.

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  12. Your imagination is incredible. I just love this. ~~Sherry~~

  13. OK- that is the best idea I have seen in a long time and CHEAP too! SCORE! I am a huge Dollar Tree fan! Thanks for the step by step instructions!!!

    Visiting from Craft-O-Maniac's blog party! Stop by and visit me @ !!!

  14. KILLLLLLLER! Absolutely killer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE had BETTER believe I will be stealing this project pronto! As soon as I make it back to the dollar store it is ON!

  15. I just picked up some of the dollar store solar lights and I am sure I have a metal basket or something to substitute around here. I also have no outdoor outlets. My solar trouble is that in winter we do not get enough sunlight to recharge the batteries. That isn't going to stop me from giving this a try. Great tutorial.

  16. That is such a great idea! I love it! Nice job!

  17. Such a fantastic idea! I have seen those baskets and NEVER thought of turning them into lights!!! Now, I have a great reason to buy some :)

  18. Fantastic! Love that you got it from the $ store!!!

    Creatively Living Outside the Box

  19. Love the solar street lamp when first saw it, love the solar basket light! Simply amazing!

  20. Well aren't you just a ball of creative!? Very cool. I can't wait to go through the rest of your projects. Thank you for linking up with MommaHen on WhateverWednesday!

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  22. this is a great ingenious...would love for you to link this up to fridays unfolded this week.


    stuff and nonsense

  23. LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara


    BRILLIANT! I see the Light! :0)

  24. You clever girl. What an ingenious project. Thanks so much for sharing it on Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  25. What a clever idea! I love those little Dollar Tree solar lights, and I stock up on them every spring and put them all over my garden at opportune places!

  26. You rock! I was looking at these exact wore planters at Dollar Tree this morning and thinking, "there must be way to turn this into a light?" And here you are!

  27. Un-be-lievable! I am rarely stunned, but this idea has me speechless. I'm off to the Dollare store tomorrow! If I blog about it, I'll be sure to link back to you. Thanks! Lisa~

  28. Wow! Great idea!!! Stopping over from Wow us Wednesday. You sure did!


  29. Love it! You did a great job...and it's super thrifty :)

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  30. Great idea!! Another good reason for me to go to the Dollar Store. :-) Thank you for linking up to my Marvelous Mess party!! Hope to see you next week!!

  31. I am definitely stealing this one! They will look great on my deck..THANKS for sharing..

  32. Very, very cool! I am putting this link up on the Mad in Crafts facebook page. Thanks for linking it to the Mad Skills Party!

  33. This still just WOWS me!!

    Thank you for linking this up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you this week at my


  34. How fun! I am loving how you can use those solar lights in other ways!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  35. Very cool Sharon! I can't use solar... too much shade! :(
    love all your work,

  36. Awesome! I'm never going to look at the Dollar Store the same again. ;-)

    An Oregon Cottage

  37. I LOVE this! I'm going to make some for my back patio. Brilliant!

  38. So great! I can't wait to try this!

  39. I'm stealing this one girlie- THANKS!

  40. so creative,, i love these. Did the solar lights come from dollar store also?? I'd really like to make some of these. Thanks

  41. I posted my version of these lights on my blog today and linked back to your great original idea. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills Party and for the fantastic tutorial!

    1. it makes a nice change to read something that makes sense.

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  43. I don't have any outside outlets or underground wiring for anything to be hooked up away from the house. ...

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