Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bird Bath Planter Redo

I originally posted my bird bath planter as a guest post over at Nikki’s Nifty Knacks. I really wanted to have  it finished, complete with flowers, so that she could use it when she needed it. I finished it late in the evening and made  a late night run to Walmart. So I had to use what flowers I could find there.  I’ve decided to give it a plant make-over and enter it in  the first month of the DIY Club:

I had another project going in my mind that I would love to have had finished, but time and the weather have NOT cooperated! So I’m doing this instead! ;-)
Here’s how I started out:
I used a wooden candle holder and pasta bowl for the base. I gave them a coat of textured (stone look
-spray paint and used Gorilla Glue to hold them together.
Then I added the pedestal made from a piece of a wooden candlestick that I had leftover from another project, a ceramic saucer and a clay pot. They all got a coat of the same textured spray paint.
Please ignore the messy garden in the background, it has gotten some attention recently so that it doesn’t look quite so unloved anymore.
I had filled it with potting soil and plants, but today I redid the plants and this is how it looks now.   
I also included the Gorilla Glue that I used in the picture today as the original picture had all of my products in it and that won’t work for the DIY entry! :-)
You can view all the entries here:    

I’ve never entered anything like this….so, I’m nervous!



  1. That is so cute. What a great idea.
    I'm so glad I'm a follower of your blog.

  2. Sharon that is fabulous! Great idea! Thanks for sharing how you put all of this together.
    Good luck!

  3. I LOVE it! Thanks for linking up to the DIY party. I think I need to make this for my patio.
    504 Main

  4. Completely adorable! I love the idea...such an inexpensive way to add a little whimsy to a garden or yard...

  5. That is so cute, it really looks great!

  6. Love this for the garden. Adorable! Love how you put it together and the clever items you used. Fabulous job! Thanks so much for joining The DIY Club this month! We greatly appreciate it! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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