Saturday, May 8, 2010

Easy Onion Grass

It is raining this morning and I couldn’t work out in the garden, so I had to plant something inside! :-)
I saw this project over at This Blessed Life:

I knew that I wanted to do a  grass type project and when I saw that Dollar Tree had onion grass I grabbed some last time I was there. It’s been waiting on a day with time for an inside project!
I knew I wanted taller grass and a metal container  in my finished project, so I went upstairs and shopped my “stock room” and found this metal container:
It’s a recent thrift store find that I knew I would use for something.;-) It’s the perfect size and shape for this project, just the wrong color.
So bring on the ORB! 
I LOVE using pizza boxes and the round cardboard tray for my painting projects, especially when I have to paint inside! The boxes provide a backstop for the overspray and the rounds are great for lifting and turning your project so you can get all the angles and keep your hands clean!
Looking better…definitely more like something that would work in my master bedroom.
Next, I gathered my Dollar Tree supplies:108_0916
Two bunches of onion grass (I had already started taking one apart), floral foam and floral wire. Then I put three of the small foam blocks down in the metal planter.
I took the onion grass bunches apart to give me smaller stalks to place where I wanted them. They came apart easily and had plastic on the ends which went down into the foam easily. 108_0920
The outer edge was wrapped in a long piece of the grass, so I cut it into sections of about 8 grass stalks each and wrapped the ends in floral wire.
Then they went down into the foam easily too.108_0922
So I started poking the grass down into the foam. I’m not sure if I should have but I started on the outside edges to make sure they were covered.   
I just kept filling it in til I ran out of grass and then put some moss in to cover the little bit of exposed foam.
                           Finished Product108_0924
It’s going in my master bedroom, which I will show you when it’s finished…which my be after gardening season! ;-)
Happy Saturday!
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  1. Beautiful!! Gotta love that ORB!!!

  2. Right now it's sitting on a baker's I right? It looks like the same one I have in my kitchen! I love it and have been toying with painting mine with ORB....

    Great project! I bought a long planter yesterday at the FOUCL Trash and Treasure sale and this may be what I do with it...

  3. Cute project!! I love the color you painted the container and the pizza cardboard tip is wonderful!! Thanks so much for becoming my first follower!! That made my day! :)

  4. I love this idea. What a great use for a cute find. Thanks for linking up to Saturday is Crafty Day!

  5. This is great! I just found you on my Dollar Tree facebook update. I will have to look for some of this grass at our store.


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