Sunday, August 8, 2010

Those bowling balls…

I really did have a purpose for them! Really! Friday, was still 50% off day at the thrift store and so I had to stop in and see if there was something new or something that I missed. When I walked in, Ann said “Hey, I just put put two more bowling balls for you.” So, I had to get those too! ;-) Some of you hav e wondered…what could I possibly want to do with 6 bowling balls??? Welll…it involved red paint, black silicone, copper wire…Any guesses yet?
It’s not another gazing ball
Okay,  what started out as well used bowling ball transformed very nicely into a 5 pound Lady Bug!
Isn’t she cute? She is going to have a nice home out in my garden, when the sun comes up! I’ve tried all weekend to get her finished so that I could take her to The thriftyba’s party, but I had semi unexpected company after going to see the expected out of town company! Now she’s finally finished, but it’s too dark to go outside now!
I saw this idea in Birds and Blooms Backyard Projects and knew I had to try it! There are a lot of fun projects in there and I can’t wait to try some more. Most of them, like this one, are fairly easy to do. If you’d like to try it, here’s what you’ll need:
A bowling ball
Primer,Red spray paint, black craft paint, sealer
Painters tape
copper wire
2 wooden beads
black silicone 
I stuck my bowling ball onto a piece of steel rebar to be able to spray all the way around it. First, I gave it a good coat of primer. I borrowed hubby’s car primer. It really gives a heavier coat and helps hide the imperfections.108_7893
Then I sprayed it with a gloss red spray paint.
When it was dry I filled the 3 holes with black silicone so it could be drying.
Then I taped off the back to paint the black stripe and painted it with black craft paint.
109_2114 109_2117
Once it was dry, I peeled up that tape and made templates for the circles out of more blue painters tape.
I traced circles on it using a small Tupperware container and cut them out with a utility knife. I placed them around on both sides of the stripe and painted them in with black.
While that was drying I painted the wooden beads black and super glued them  to the copper wires.
I pushed the wires down into the finger holes for the antennae. When the paint was dry, I pulled up the templates and I had a very round, very heavy lady bug!!
110_7964 110_7961
I can’t wait to take her out to the garden in the morning! 
Here is ladybug in her new home:
I think she looks happy and right at home!
Tonight though, I think I’ll sneak over and see if thriftyba’s party is still going on. I’m also going to take her to some of the parties in my sidebar! Come with us and see some very inspiring projects! Just click on the small buttons in my sidebar!
Good Night for Now!


  1. What a cute idea. I bet it looks at home in the garden. Visiting from Metamorphosis Monday.

  2. So VERY cute Sharon! Love it!

  3. That is just beautiful! I'm going to have to look for a bowling ball in our charity shops - my girls would LOVE this in their secret garden!!

    I'd love if you linked up to my new party - A Round Tuit, at:

    Have a great week!

  4. Sharon, that is fabulous! Nicely done. It will be such a unique conversation piece in the garden. Now -- like the others -- I WANT A BOWLING BALL!

  5. Love the lady bug...she is fantastic!! I am going to have to start looking for some bowling balls too! Ha!

  6. i will have to have another balls party just for you! adorable!

  7. I'm at the G-Dub all the time and I have NEVER come across a bowling ball. Ever! Now I have to look a little harder.

  8. I just love ladybugs and this was such a great transformation!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for becoming a new follower :)! Hugs! Val

  9. very cute! Post a picture of it in the garden! :)

  10. I'm guessing we were the semi unexpected company ?? We had a GREAT time !! The lake was so fun ! Oh and you're blog is ...interesting. It's great, you're popular, don't pay attention to the haters :o)

  11. A lady bug? Sharon, I would have never seen that! How cute!

  12. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party this week!

  13. Genius! Perfect for any garden! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

    And link up all you want for more chances to win 30 days FREE ad space!

  14. Your ladybug turned out wonderfully and oh-so-cute! I have a few bowling balls waiting to be turned into gazing balls.

  15. Awwwww, shes so cute!!! Thanks for linking up!!!!! Missed you lately! :)

  16. How creative! It's amazing to see what people can come up with. That's why I love linky parties so much!

  17. Very cute lady bug! Great re-use. I think she looks very at home.

    I followed you over from Life in the Pitts.

    I am going to stop by to join your linky party! Looks like fun!

    I host a Friday link party if you are interested I'd love to have you join.


  18. Very Cute!!! Love it! I'd love to have you come plant your creative seeds at my blog party on Fridays: "Plant a Punkin Seed at Punkin Seed Productions".

    Hope to see you there!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  19. very creative! Posted about your work on my blog

  20. That is so stinkin' cute. You are really creative!

  21. What a great idea!! so cute! I'm your newest follower... come by and visit me at Sassy Sites! :)

  22. I love your bowling ball creations! so cute! The lady bug is darling!

  23. Way cute and so creative! I would like to invite you to my link party/giveaway every Friday at FrouFrouDecor! I love new friends and hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  24. I have been passing over the ugly black balls. Now I will see their true potential. This was the best tute!

  25. An ingenius use of a bowling ball!! Absolutely adorable and she looks fantastic in her new home!

  26. That is the cutest garden decor idea I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing.


  27. This is so amazing! Thanks so much for sharing on Creative Friday:)

  28. Love the ladybug!! I so want one for my garden now. I'm going to be stalking the thrift stores for bowling balls now.

    Thanks for the inspiring idea and linking up on Crafty Friday!

  29. I saw the lady bug bowling ball in a magazine before, but here, you're showing the steps, which is essential and I thank you for that. It came out great!

  30. This is adorable. My preschool is called Ladybug Preschool, the kids would love this out on our playground.

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