Monday, June 7, 2010

Repurposed Fire Pit

I love summertime and being outside! I love spending time in the garden during the day and then sitting around a fire in the evening. Two years ago, I decided that we needed a proper fire pit for our fires. Something like this:

CobraCo FB8008 Diamond Mesh Fire Pit with Screen and Cover

Or this,

Oakland Living 8030-BK 30 Inch Fire Pit with Grill - Black

But with my budget, I ended up with this, from Family Dollar:


It was a budget friendly $25, but I got what I paid for. It should have been called a “personal fire pit” . One person at a time could sit around it or you were in someone else’s personal space. You also had to feed it constantly as it basically held only small branches. Needless to say, our family set it aside and went back to a ring of rocks on the ground! lol

After setting for a year and a half, it is now getting a little make over and being repurposed. The top screen has become the sieve for my manure tea system.


And the bottom is going to be a planter. I gave it a good coat of rusty metal primer and then a coat of Terra Cotta look paint, but it needed up looking to “pinky and wimpy”.


So I went over it with Rustoleum’s textured paint in Autumn Brown.

Then I filled it with red, white and blue flowers. Some of them are “rescue’s” (they came from the clearance section), so it’s going to take a little TLC for them to perk up. I’ll take another shot when they are flourishing! I’m also looking for a piece of patriotic yard art to poke down in the middle for height. It is now a “stone look” planter!107_1512


I will have it finished and flourishing in time for the garden party!

Look for an update later today or first thing tomorrow on some new sponsors!

I’m taking three of my younger four kiddos to camp for the week. My nine year old son has all-stars practice this week so he is going to stay home and help me garden! :-)

Look for the party update later!

Taking my dressed up fire pit to these parties:


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  1. Great idea! Love the new look of the fire-pit!

  2. Great thinking! It makes a pretty planter! :)


  3. Wonderful job - a two for one - can't beat that!!

  4. Great repurposing!! Far!!

  5. Excellent idea! Once the flowers plump up and fill in, it will look gorgeous! No one will know your lovely planter started out as an inadequate fire pit. ;0)

  6. Wow - good for you Sharon! Great makeover :)

  7. that's a very creative idea for a planter and it looks great! Happy Gardening!

  8. It definitely makes a great planter! For $25 that's a good price for one as pretty as it is!
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog post & for the invitation for the upcoming link party!

  9. Great idea to re-purpose the pit as a planter!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & complementing my flowers. You asked about the different colors of hydrangeas - the color of the bloom depends on the type of soil you have. Here's a link with more info:

  10. Great save on the fire pit; it looks worth way more than $25 now. Well done!

  11. I love how you turned it into a planter! WOW! Looks great girl. Have a blessed day. Cindy
    P.S. I am having a giveaway on my blog.

  12. I absolutely love re-purposing anything rather than have it go to waste, and your transformation is a spectacular example of this!

  13. I love how your "fire pit" planter came out! That's a great idea - I will have to take a look in our garage to see what we have to transform in there.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh, it is so pretty! I'm impressed with your repurposing skills. :)

    Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday, and especially for your kind words about my brother. I will pray for your friends too.

  15. Great Idea! I want to look for one at a garage sale! Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

  16. Excellent re-do on the fire pit. Looks great now!

  17. I love it when something gets reused- nice job. Thanks for linking to the Tuesday Garden Party- looking forward to your party. :-)

  18. We have a firepit that just sits there -- We really thought it would be something we would use, but we were wrong. I love the way you transformed it!

  19. Very clever!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

  20. I love the planter way better than the firepit... great price for a large planter too... have your priced large planters lately... I may just buy one for this reason... thanks for the inspiration.

    Found you over at All Things Related. So glad I did.

    Have a great day.


  21. I have one I am hoping will become a water feature (designated puddle?) but the planter idea seems more feasible.

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