Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday is a Day for Finding New Friends!

I’ve been exploring some new blogs through

The Girl Creative and


Check them out for great new friends to read and follow!

While looking around I noticed that the theme everywhere on Friday is new friends! Look at all these places to meet and greet! The first one I found was Social Parade. It is my first time visiting there and it is full of fun blogs!

Smart and Trendy Moms</P friday-follow



More to come!


Happy Friendly Friday Follow!



  1. Whew! You're definitely busy on Fridays with all of the blog-hopping going on around the internet! :)

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday, we're really glad you did! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm Friendly Friday following. I live in NC.. I am also a grandmother, home-school mom, and I love to garden. I write children's books. I have been sick with pneumonia, so I haven't blogged much, but am coming back on Monday. Love to have you visit. I love your blog. Happy weekend.

  3. I’m following you now on Friendly Friday Follow--No. 109! Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”

    My latest inspirational postings are, “Springtime Beauty,” “The Power,” “The Triumphant Heart,” “Pure Love,” “Peace of Mind,” and “Simple Gesture.”


  4. Thank you for the Friday Follow! I am returning the follow :) Hope you have a great weekend.


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