Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yes! I did my eight months of paperwork and finished our taxes yesterday!!! Yes, I know they were due on April 15th, and yes, I filed an extension. Nothing like a little procrastination and a looooong story, but since they’re done we’ll just forget it, okay? I have freedom to craft and garden now!!!!!
My garden definitely needs some attention and the project to-do list is endless and keeps getting longer! While we were riding our bikes on the Tybee, I found a thrift store less than two blocks from our house! It’s only open three days a week and for two hours each day! They definitely operate on “Tybee Time”! lol I made it in the day we left. I found a couple of things to add to my stock pile.
A bucket, a candle holder and a window like picture frame all haveI  lots of potential!
The day after we got home, I had to go to town…my first stop? The thrift store of course! I found some really good stuff! Two trays, and easel, a metal plant pot holder, a basket with a great shape, I’m not sure what the tall green thing with the sticker is, but I liked it…looks “gardenish”…
 109_1450 and last, but definitely  not least, my two favorite finds: Two birds nest candle  holders that will look awesome on the porch I will have someday!
And after a week at Tybee Island, I came home to find a lighthouse  that I really like! It’s even similar to the Tybee Lighthouse.
A couple of coats of craft paint and the coloring is even more like the markings of Tybee. Did you know that besides the light at night, lighthouses coloring and patterns are called “day marks”? They help  the ships navigate by day. I didn’t know that til last week! ;-)
The Tybee Island Lighthouse:108_6364
My repainted lighthouse:
See? black, white, black! BTW I climbed all 178 steps to the top of that lighthouse! Great view and great exercise!
Great family too! :-)
While getting pictures off of my camera card, I found this picture I had taken at our last get together at my sis-in-law’s. This is her water-lovin’ Lab Moses. He will chase any size stick into the water and retrieve it…but don’t get in his way! lol I do not usually capture the Kodak moment, but that day I was lucky and caught this!
This is another project on my to-do list as everyone in the family who has seen it, wants  me to do something with it and give it to her for her birthday! Any fun suggestions?
Out to the garden for a while!

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  1. Great shot! My dog looks just like Moses- my Cooper loves to jump into the water too.

  2. Love the one of of the dog jumping in! Nothing like an action shot!!

  3. I, too, love that last photo.
    xo bj

  4. I wanted to stop by and say Thanks for your visit to my blogg... your comment on the "Creeping Moss" was sweet!
    Yes.. after I painted the yogurt I sorta forgot about it and it was almost a year when I started seeing it 'creeping'.. big smile here! With each year it just gets larger!
    Try it, keep it moist and in time you will have it also!
    Nice blog!

  5. I sooooo luv that "COOL" lighthouse...you sure did load up on some great stuff! HAPPY NTT!


  6. You got some great things in Tybee! And I love the lighthouse your purchased.
    The action shot is amazing.

  7. You would find a thrift store :o) Once I get caught up I'm gonna have to bring some cash up and go thrifting with you again ! I LOVE the pic of Moses !!

  8. ah! i've been there, to that lighthouse... just this last october. beautiful views! great shots! :)

  9. What great finds! Love the tray, bird nest! I love the lighthouse too!

  10. Congrats on the taxes!

    Cute shot of the dog jumping in the pond.

  11. What a wonderful photo of the dog jumping in the pond. :) And I had to chuckle over your post. My taxes are still on my to do list :) Praise God for extensions!!! :) :) :)

  12. Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Some great finds, my friend! And that shot of the dog.....IS a kodac moment!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  13. A nice piece of information on the lighthouse -didn't know that either. And love your little lighthouse makeover look alike!!!

  14. I love the blog! First chance I have had to check it out. I will be back for more.... ;-) Sheri in Dallas


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