Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Button Help, Please!


I was so excited about my Garden Party....I even made a button, problem is, although it looks ok and the scroll box looks ok, when you actually copy the code and put it in your blog, it doens't link back! :( As a matter of fact, my regular button does the same thing! When you click on the image you get this message

Cannot find

Instead of my link. I h ave NO IDEA where the %20 is coming from, I don't see it in my code anywhere! I've been working on this for hours and tried other codes, I am sor frustrated. :-(

If you can help in anyway or know of a code that works, please let me know.

This is NOT a great way to start a party!



  1. i hope you figure it out-i want to post it on my blog! cant wait until your party!

  2. Your code works in Firefox.

    %20 is HTML speak for a space. Meaning you have a space in there where it shouldn't be. Remove the spaces before and after your blog address and you should be just fine. If you still have questions, feel free to email me.

    Ashley @

  3. Hope the fix Ashley recommends works for you!!


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