Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Latest Thrifty Finds

Each day when I take my daughter to work I have the temptation opportunity to stop in at one of our local, smaller (compared to a Goodwill) thrift stores. Yesterday when I stopped in, I found  some treasures that had to come home with me. 102_4771
I’ve always liked apothecaries, but since I’ve been reading so many creative blogs and discovered all the potential they have, I’ve become totally addicted! I can’t leave one behind, no matter how small.
I also found two wooden,possibly hand-turned candle holders, that will help feed the pedestal addiction I’ve also developed from blog reading.  I’ve always had and addiction to baskets…I’ve just realized how many addictions that I’ve confessed to here…and I haven’t even mentioned coffee or chocolate….
I tried talking myself out of the round metal “basket”, as it was a little higher than what I like to pay, but it kept calling my name and it wouldn’t take no for answer, so I finally gave in and picked it up. This is one of the few things that I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do with when I got it home!
It’s a new home for my decorative balls! (What do you think, Tracy?) They are very happy here as they have lots of room to spread out and they can all be seen. I’d like some opinions, should I change the color of the basket to my other new addiction…Oil Rubbed Bronze?
I didn’t have time to share these finds from Saturday, but I was excited to find them too! Lots of potential in the yellow-framed bead board and who can’t use another bunch of twigs? :)
blog pics 109
What have you found lately?


  1. You found some great things, but I really love that little apothecary jar.
    Thanks for visiting me. I don't even know where the mini daffodils came from--probably Home Depot, since I don't order bulbs from catalogs. I should, though--some of the ones in catalogs are just breathtaking!

  2. Score. Love the bead board. I have been collecting glass containers for my pantry. I am tired of bags of stuff, like choc chips, marshmallows, powdered sugar etc. I have taken pics but haven't posted them yet. Soon.


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