Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nothing like waiting ‘til the last minute…

That’s me…a put it off til the last minute kind of girl! This is our families month to clean our church. We attend a small rural church and many of the families take turns cleaning and decorating.
(oops, I left the door open) That is ivy growing all over and our church is known through out the county as “the little brick church with all the ivy.” The building is over 50 years old and was empty for a loooong time before our church bought and renovated it.
Anyway.. I thought April would be “easy”. Easter…just buy some Easter Lilies, a few candles and be done, right? Well, I thought I’d grab a few things on the way to clean today and much to my dismay…the lilies and most fresh flowers were SOLD OUT! :( I finally found two, one left at each grocery store. My friend Cindy suggested cutting some fresh daffodils and putting them in bud vases and using some of those. Well, I found enough vases for the windowsills at my favorite local thrift store and brand new doilies to go under them..all for $3.25! My daughters and I drove the 17 miles and got busy! This is how it turned out:
 102_0577  102_0579                      102_0580102_0578
The pictures don’t do them justice, but these are lovely old stained glass windows.  So, with everything clean and decorated, we drove the 17 miles back home and were treated to this view. When the verse came  to my mind, I put the two together!
Iam the Resurrection

Happy Easter!!


  1. Beautiful job, Sharon.. way to go...

    Beautiful view!!!

  2. So pretty, Sharon. Love me some daffodils.

    Gorgeous photo too!

  3. Happy Easter Sharon! I love the view you were blessed with!


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