Monday, March 8, 2010

My Copycat Pottery Barn Inspired Pillows

Okay, I jumped on the bandwagon of the Pottery Barn inspired pillows! I saw these:

Over at Domestically Speaking and the very next day I found a similar sweater at the Thrift store!   I also found a black one with a really unique texture and the pillow forms....the pillow forms were 1/2 price and only cost .50 a piece!! That was all the inspiration that I needed! Here they are before:

.....Well there should be a picture HERE of the sweaters and pillow forms BUT some how it's been deleted from my camera! :(....

SO here they are AFTER:

I want to find swearters in hot pink and  lime green and fuzzy to make to some for my daughters' room!

Then I saw these over at Strictly Homade:

I wanted to make some to coordinate with my new bedding set, so I bought coordinating fabric, piping and I thought ribbon...but the ribbon was a fail, it was "off" just enough to be really bad, and it wasn't wide enough. :( So here are my pillows, inspired by, but not looking anything like, PB's. Just made with my two hands and my daughter's sewing machine! I haven't sewn in years! It was fun!

After sitting in the oral surgeon's office for two and a half hours only to learn that our insurance won't cover wisdom teeth removal at my daughter's age...I didn't have time to finish some of the other things I've got going.  It was so nice outside today too, perfect for spray painting! Oh well, maybe tomorrow!

These pillows  are "copy-cat" but since they are my first attempts at something PB inspired, . I thought I'd share over at Cottage Instincts .  Check out her party for some more inspiring ideas!


  1. You did a great copycat job! I love the sweater you found... what a great design and texture it has. Thanks for showing it to me!

  2. I love sweater pillows! I haven't found any sweaters cheap enough yet to make some though.

  3. Hi Sharon, sorry your pillows did not work out the way you had planned, but at least you fixed them to still be usable! By best advice (if you were to try them again is place one angle going right to left pin and sew. Then place the other angel left to right then sew. OR if you do not trust your sewing skills use Heat n' Bond. Hopefully you will try this again. I love the sweater pillows you made. Those are awesome and have such great designs!
    Thanks for contacting me and letting me you know you were inspired by me. That made my day!

  4. oh my, those are beautiful! great job!

  5. Very nice, Sharon! I discovered that I had enough fabric left over from the quilt I made seven years ago to make two pillows for my living room. Of course, I haven't made them yet, but I'm excited to do them when I get the forms and cording.

  6. Wow mom the pillows turned out great!! Hmmm...maybe I should put in an "order":)

  7. The sweater pillows are CUTE! I love the sweate you found - I am going to have to keep my eye out for sweaters!
    504 Main

  8. I am looking for great pillow ideas to recover our pillows as we move and redecorate. Sweaters are now on my list to pick up at Goodwill. Thanks for the great example!


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