Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decorative Balls

I chose the Spring Fever theme for my blog because I am ready for winter to be over! This has been the snowiest and coldest winter I can remember in the 22 years I have lived here! Today it is snowing again! I think this time The Weather Channel has gotten it right!

Looks like about 2.5" and still falling...supposed to keep snowing til about 3pm...

Since I would normally be at homeschool co-op today, I have a "free" day. I am going to use this gift of time at home to post my projects that I ran out of time to do yesterday. :)
The first one in almost complete! I was inspired by this post at Dollar Store Crafts ( love this site! ) to try making my own decorative balls. I lean towards the natural look in my decorating, so I wanted to go with the something like these:

They are available HERE at a SAVINGS price of $39.95!?!? I like the $Store price much better! Here is what I did:

I had purchased a pack of 6 large(almost softball size) Christmas ornaments at Dollar General on clearance for $1.50. If I would have known how much I was going to like making these, I would have bought more! I removed the hanger thingy from the top and gathered my coverings and glues.

For the ball covered with the little green peas/seeds, I used Aleene's clear tacky glue and sprinkled the seeds over a section of the ball. Rolling the ball in the seeds just made a mess for me! I used a popsicle stick to push them together. When I used my fingers, the seeds stuck to me instead of the ball. I did a section at a time letting each area dry before doing another, otherwise the seeds would pop up and out of place as I pushed new seeds into place. This one was the most time consuming.

The twine covered one was EASY! I started at the opening left from removing the hanger and sprayed Elmer's Craft Bond spray adhesive. I tied a big knot in the twine and stuck in down in the hole and started wrapping my way around. I would spray a section and then wrap. I tucked the bottom in the center of the wrapping and put extra spray on top to hold it down.

I wanted another twine type ball with texture, so I chainstitched an earthy-green yarn together with the twine. It felt like I chainstitched a mile of it! Then I used the spray adhesive to apply this chain stitch side down to the ball. This gave a nice textured surface.

I used Dollar Tree florist's moss to cover one. Again, I used the spray on adhesive and just placed the moss on as I went. This one was a bit messy...

The pine cone covered ball was the most fun! I soaked the pine cones first. The bottom petals peeled off and the farther up I went and the larger the petals became, I had to cut them off. I used a hot glue gun to apply these. If you apply them with the little thorn to the outside you get a round looking pine cone...if you apply them with the thorn against the ball, you get a neat, woodsy texture!

I want to cover the 6th ball in wood slices. I had hubby cut a branch for me but it wasn't nearly enough to cover the ball. I would never have believed how much surface area there is to cover one of these things! When I get that one done, I will post a picture.

You can cover Christmas ornaments or styrofoam balls in different sizes. They can be covered with other natural seeds, beans, leaves, twines, strings etc. My daughter suggested coffee beans! I think that would look great, just not sure I want to give up any of my coffee beans!

I have added a couple more balls and found them a "new" home:

In the Dollar Store Crafts post there are many ideas for other, less "natural" coverings! The balls can be showcased in baskets, apothecary jars ( that's another post), vases, and on shelves or mantles in groupings. The possiblities are endless!

Oh, and my price for 6 balls? $5.50!!!!

Ornaments $1.50
Moss $1
Seeds <$1 but I had these on hand

Twine $1 and had some left over for other crafts
Yarn $1 and had some left over for other crafts
Pinecones FREE
Wood slices FREE
glues and adhesives were on hand

If you are inspired to make any of your own, I'd love to see the results! Have fun!


  1. I love the way these turned out!! Way to take advantage of your "day off":)

  2. Those turned out awesome ! I'm going to have to make some and try my coffee bean idea for ones in my kitchen/dining area. Oh and I bought you a surprise for your kitchen !

  3. wow! those look great. Brilliant idea to use clearanced ornaments! way to go!
    thanks for visiting and commenting on my jute balls.

  4. I'm totally copying these! Awesome ideas. Thanks!!!

  5. your balls DO rock! im your newest follower!

  6. ha ha-look at the post right above this!
    i like the green one the best!


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