Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Wonderful Lunch and Thrifty Finds!

Yesterday I delivered the distressed little birdie to her new home at my sis-in-law Lydia's house. She hosted a spring lunch for my hubby'sisters, his Mom and I. She served us a really yummy zuchinni casserole and then presented us each with an Easter basket! Each one had fun and different things for each sister:

I didn't take this picture til I had gotten home and already eaten some of the good stuff in the basket! I'm still learning to take pictures, 'cause you never know what you might want to share later! I did take this one of everyone eating though!

It was a fun lunch and the baskets were a complete surprise and a special treat! I liked the casserole so much that I made one tonight .
Yummy Zuchinni Casserole

They went thrifting afterwards, but I had to be back to get my kiddos where they needed to be, so I headed back and stopped at a thrift store on the way home. I found a couple of things. These, which are ceramic, I think, and heavy. I thought they would make good chalk boards. So I grabbed all three:

I think they were orignally meant to write on with a white board marker. I couldn't wait to see if they would paint easily, so here they are with two coats of Krylon 2x white primer.

They covered well, I am so excited! These will be my first chalk board projects! I have the paint and even some other thinks that I planned on making into chalkboards, but these just begged me to take them home and give them a new life! I  couldn't say no...but I ran out of daylight, so they will have to be patient and wait for another day to be finished!

Last week I didn't have the chance to show off my thrift store scores, so I'm going to now! First, I found this:
I found it TWO days after being inspired by Miss Mustard Seed's Toiparay.
You can see her awesome tutorial here.

I never could find any boxwood bushes at Joann's or Hobby Lobby or even Michael's....I guess everyone ran out to get some after the tute and they're still sold out. :) I got something else and will give it a try....soon...that poor topiary definitely needs an updated look!
Lastly, but not leastly, I had the pleasure of thrifting with my buddy Bretta last week too. We didn't find a whole lot of anything but coffee, fun and good company! Here are some of my treasures from that trip:

A mirror(leftover from the '80's complete with duck and heart! lol), a frame( with a 1962 LIFE cover) a letter organizer, a silver tray, two apothecary (wannabe) glass jars, woodenblocks and beads and vine balls, and finally two baskets with handles. I have ideas for most of them! ;) I'll share their transformations as they happen.

Linking these treasures up to Decor Mama's:

Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Wow...great finds and a yummy luch too! It doesn't get any better than that! Can't wait to see your chalk board project...thanks for linkin' up!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  2. Hey friend, LOVED seeing your Easter basket... as well as the thrift store finds....

    That casserole looks yummy!!!! Please share the recipe!!!

    SO glad I found you.... Thanks for giving me the link today!

    Love ya,

  3. great finds! i've want to make a topiary... so i'll check out that tutorial.can't wait to see your chalkboard creations

  4. It looks like you found some great things, too, Sharon! Miss Mustard Seed did a great topiary didn't she; I may have to go that route and just pick up some boxwood greens at the craft store.


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