Thursday, March 18, 2010

It doesn't take long...

...for real life to crowd out time for "blog life".  At least, around here it doesn't...and I've only been at this less than a month??? Not that real life is bad, it's just busy! Sometimes very busy!
When I started out, I hoped that blogging would be a fun way to  keep me inspired and "accountable" to friends, family and new friends along the way, for the many projects that I need to start/complete. It has, but "real life" has still crept up and caught me this week!
Due to snow and construction, we haven't had co-op since before I started to blog, so that's one whole  (long but very, very good) day. Tuesday was our first day back. I teach Georgia history and geography through lapbooking to nine third through fifth graders. It has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in homeschool. I have mostly boys, but could not ask for a better bunch! They soak up information and really seem to be interested in each topic we study! Here are the guys,the girls were both absent, they must have heard that I was going to show a Revolutionary War video! The guys couldn't get "close" enough.

Wednesday I chased down $86.51 worth of groceries for $17.82!
Plus a raincheck on my Eight O'Clock Coffee!
While Keen Dad drove me to the stores which were out of town, I typed up the puppet script for our teen puppet ministry on Wedneday nights...nothing like a lilttle procrastination!

Today this:

took six loads to become this:
Plus two more loads that went into the dryer...a little behind on laundry too.

And I have six sick people in my house! :(

I am working on  a couple of "projects" if they will just cooperate with me!

Nothing like a little reality check!


  1. What a fun peek into your life, especially for anyone who doesn't know you well! Did I tell you that your bird candy dish is really cute? I'm too lazy to check if I did or not...but it is!

  2. I was wondering when you were going to post again:) I see you made it to Publix before the sale ended:) can't wait to see everyone at Easter!

  3. Hmm I know the feeling of everything getting on top of you & I've only got one baby!!
    Have you heard of FLY lady's methods?
    I've just found her this past week and I'm starting to do it- seems like a great system of staying on top of things...worth a try I think.


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