Monday, March 1, 2010

I've Done It!

I've started a blog!! I have thought about doing this for a while but was hesitant because I was afraid of the time factor, I didn't want to just be posting "my version" of an idea from another blog and I had NO idea how to "blog". So, what inspired me to go ahead and do it?? Family, friends and even a complete stranger!! As I have been doing some of the projects I've read about on the blogs in my side bar I've been telling friends and family and yes, even a complete stranger (not that I know a stranger :) ) in Joann's. Everyone wants to know where I am getting my ideas so as I was scrambling to give out blog addresses in the scrapbook section of Joann's, I realized that if I had my own blog, I could just send everybody there and list all the wonderful and inspiring blogs in my side bar. I am!

I will be posting some of my projects that have been inspired by other blogs, my "redo the basement ( 7 rooms) in a year project, and my thrifty finds and re-do's. Sometimes the posts may be on couponing and thrifty living, gardening, homeschooling or some other "inspiring idea".

The name for my blog was inspired by my long-time and very creative friend, Bretta. Yesterday, she sent me an email titled "You have inspired me..." and she wanted the blog addresses where I was getting my ideas! When I told her that I wanted to have my own blog but was stuck for a title, she suggested that perhaps, I could incorporate my last name I did...along with her email title! Thanks Bretta for inspiring me! :)

Later tonight, I plan to put up pictures of a few on going projects!


  1. SO glad you did this ! It's going to be so neat to follow and "borrow" some of your ideas :o)

  2. What a great idea! I am very excited you started a blog. You did a great job, it looks fabulous! Did you design the banner at the top?


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