Thursday, February 10, 2011

LOVE….and Snow!

I can’t believe that I even used those two words together! We used to love hearing “It’s going to snow!”. After this winter, s-n-o-w has become a true  4 letter word! We got more of the lovely white stuff last night….maybe an inch? This is much more typical of the snows we get around here. If we get one “good one” a year, everyone is happy! Schools close, businesses close, and most of the county just shuts down. After the two 8 inch dumpings we got at Christmas and right after….that stayed on the ground for weeks….well, this ain’t nuthin…


soo it’s business as usual! It’s funny how are perspectives can change! :-)

How about a little more L-O-V-E? That’s a much better 4 letter word! I wanted something to go with my 1 Corinthians 13 Word Art up on my shelf. I had my JOY-ful Frame up there at Christmas with my Scripture Tree Word Art From Kristin. As soon as I made the Joy frame, I thought about changing what was in it for different holidays and seasons.SDC19432

So I decided to give it a try. I took the JOY stuff out…SDC15064 SDC15063

I had put it in the frame in individual pieces, but I realized that a piece of 12x12 cardstock fits the area perfectly and I  could work from that!


I cut L-O-V-E out of black cardstock with my Silhouette/Craft Robo. I used red for the heart outline.SDC15068  This time I put the cardstock on the backing and then worked from the front.SDC15069 I printed “…the greatest of these is…” on a 4x6 index cardSDC15067 and that was a little trickier getting in from the front!SDC15070 Here it is up on the shelf…

 SDC15088 SDC15087

I really don’t know what else to put up there since I’ve never been a big decorator for Valentine’s Day. Any suggestions? I’m not a big fan of the cutesy stuff….I did put this picture up there.


It’s from my wedding day. I butchered the pictures (years ago) without having a back up copy! I thought I had cut them out to fit in the heart properly…but I lost part of hubby’s head both times! The picture  seem to get lost up there…any ideas on how to get it to stand out a little more?

I forgot to take the “vote for me” blurb off of my 1Corinthians 13 Word Art post and I’m still getting “Vote” comments! Thank you all for your votes! 126_4795I better take  the blurb down though…I truly enjoyed making this and have more in the works! I was honored that it has been featured here at

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  1. I'm originally from NC, so I know how one flying flake brings the whole town to a grinding halt. We had an ice storm on top of a bad snow when I was 12 that had us out of school for two weeks.

    Two glorious weeks.

  2. Love it!!!
    Snow has turned into that four letter word for sure!
    We received 20 inches last week...yuck!!
    So now we have SNOW and WIND with minus temps! Oh where oh where is spring??

  3. WOW Mom, the Love frame is AWESOME !!! I like it better than the Joy frame. It's very classy looking. You ought to make one for Sue's bedroom. It would go well with her colors and wedding pics!

  4. Hi there, thanks so much for linking up to my party. Great to have you along. Thanks for following as well. I am also following you. You got a great blog going on here :)

    Take care.

  5. How cute! I love that you can change it out for the holidays.

  6. The JOY looked really nice, but I love how the LOVE turned out!
    super cute!
    thanks for sharing @ CCC

  7. I love your new picture you made. I would move the little framed pic between the two larger frames and add a candle to the side or a candle in the middle with the little framed pic in front of it. I love your designs!

  8. What a beautiful project.
    Maybe if I work on some new projects, I'll feel like Spring is in the vicinity.

    I have soooo much gardening work to do but I can't wait.

    Thank you for coming by my blog-

    White Spray Paint


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