Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Tuesday “Bliss”-dom….

Good Morning!!!! Wow! Things have been busy here,  both at home and on blog! First things first though….Some thank yous are in order. Thank you to everyone who entered my CSN Stores Giveaway! I see that I am not the only one who needs a new crock pot. :-) When I hit 298 followers, I thought  “Wow! It would be pretty cool if I ended up with 300!” and I see that I have 320! That’s pretty amazing! I have not been all about the numbers and that’s why I didn’t require following to enter, but if you chose to follow I wanted you to have an extra entry! I would like to thing that at least some of you are here to visit and not just win…but 320? Well that’s both humbling and exciting! The winner will be chosen by (after my kids are up to watch) cause they think it’s pretty cool and then announced this evening. I’ll be hosting another awesome giveaway next week, sponsored by an amazing lady, Tina,

Hi, I\

from All Tied Up: The Colorful Life and Tina’s Tie Dye! Here is a bit of her work to whet your appetite!


Come back Monday to meet Tina and see what she has for us!

The second “thank you” is for all of you who voted for my 1Co.13 Word Art at the

I hope I win….I would reeaallly like to have  a picture of my family, ALL of us TOGETHER…a REAL picture (are you reading this family?) on the photo canvas that Julie is giving as a prize! I think we’ll find that out later today as well!

So onto my Tuesday “Bliss”-dom….There were alot of posts last week and this week about the very big bloggers conference in Nashville, TN known as

Some of the bloggers that I read were very excited to be able to attend and some, like Gail, from My Repurposed Life, created an alternative for those of us who couldn’t go. Her blog hop

was one of the most helpful things that I’ve done since I started blogging! I received so much helpful input and even a new header and button from Tracy! Thanks again Tracy!! I’ll be putting my list of changes together soon..

Okay, I said all that to say that this passed Monday I realized that I have my own sort of Blissdom every Tuesday! Our local homeschool co-op  G.R.A.C.E. meets every Tuesday and its usually BLISSFUL for me! First of all, no one calls or texts me needing anything then, ‘cause they know that I’m at co-op and in the basement of the facility that we use, there is no phone service! So I am left alone to enjoy the fellowship, encouragement and teaching (I’m learning how to “tweet”, use a new phone and use Photoshop) of some amazing and very creative ladies! Here are a few of them…oh and one “son” in our teacher’s lounge that also doubles as a costume closet! :-)

SDC14826Coffee, smiles and encouragement are served in here all day long!

Like Blissdom, we have some amazing and creative bloggers in attendance:


(The Milk Maid, Bretta, of Creativity Unleashed and also our Director,  and Tina from Tina’s Tie Dye) and they consented to have their picture with me…just like at Blissdom! :-) Here I am again with Tina, Jewlz, of Jewlz Sightings and Shannon, our go-to guru for all things technical whether at co-op or at home!

I am so thankful to be able to spend each Tuesday with these (and other unpictured)  amazing ladies!


Part of my bliss comes from spending time teaching and learning with my two groups of 3rd thru 5th graders. They are so much fun to teach! We are learning together about America’s history….Did any of you know that foods like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kool-Aid, Nestle Tollhouse Cookies and Bisquick were developed during the Great Depression?!?!?

I didn’t until I started researching The Great Depression for this class…I love what I am learning!:-)

So there you have it…great ladies, great kids and great coffee!

My Tuesday “Bliss”dom!

I’ll be back later with my winner and other announcements!


  1. I love being a part of your blissdom! So glad we get to be friends....

  2. Love it! And I love our "Bliss"dom every Tuesday.

  3. so glad you enjoyed the blog hope (the bold and the beautiful).
    You're a lucky girl to get together with your group each week! :)

  4. Ditto what Julie said! We have so many wonderful memories together and I hope when we are twice this age that we will be sitting around talking about even more memories we make together over the years! Love you!

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Isn't it amazing how much you learn when you have to teach. Fun group.
    I think I missed out on voting for little (brains) and too late! Your work is fabulous!
    I need to get the taxes done and them many be I can play a bit more on the computer!
    Enjoy your day and hoping for you to win!


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