Friday, December 17, 2010

Copycat! Copycat!

Yup! That’s me! I’m a creative copycat. Occasionally, I will come up with my own original ideas but many times I see something and know that I have to make one for myself, like my Martha Inspired Candy Stand:


Or  my copy cat ornament wreath:


I have seen these wreaths everywhere in blogland and they were even around last year, so I wouldn’t even begin to know who to credit with this idea. I just knew that this year I was making one!

And my Pottery Barn Inspired wreath that I found over at Made With Love and Glue. She has an easy to follow tutorial and great pictures! They just POP!

The Original Inspiration:

And Rachel’s finished wreath:

My Copycat version:



Then while  doing some blog hopping,  I saw several takes on Pottery Barn’s Frame Christmas Card Holder:

Gilt Frame Card Holder

and I knew that I had just the right one in my stash. This one was an easy one. I left the frame like it was and added the wire and some 3-D Christmas stickers. The cards are clipped on with plain, yes plain, mini-clothes pins. I have decided that not everything has to be painted or embellished to work, especially when you are running behind with your decorating!


There have been a lot of inspiring Christmas projects at the linky parties lately. I wanted to try sooo many of them, but time is working against me! Here are a couple that fit so well with my home and family that I had to make time for  them!

First, I have really enjoyed seeing all the word art projects and was getting ready to try my hand at making my own that reflected more of what Christmas means in our home, when I came across this at Betty Crocker Wannabe.

Kristin created some beautiful word art expressing “what Christmas is all about” and  all I had to do was hit “print”! She is sharing this printable with everyone! Thank you Kristin!! Hitting print takes much less time than creating a work of art! :-) And Kristin’s would be hard to top!I chose painted a frame red and printed on this wonderful textured cardstock from Joann’s.


My copycat:



Finally, I saw this over at Clean and Scentsible:

and I couldn’t believe it…I have the same frame, I had been holding it in my hands earlier in the day wondering how I could use it but put it down because nothing came to mind. To top it off, the theme for our home this Christmas is JOY!! So I went back upstairs, got the frame and started gathering what I had on hand to make one of my own:

The frame


Scrapbook paper with holly and the same textured white I used for the Christmas Tree word art.


I cut the letters for JOY from a similar textured red cardstock.  SDC19434

I taped everything in  from behind and put the back in.

My “Joy-full” frame:


I’ve had a lot of fun being a Christmas project copy cat this week, but need some input (and yes, I know that it’s only a week before Christmas and I’m still decorating…better late than never!) I don’t know which piece of art work to put on my new shelf, this one:


Or this one:


along with greenery and some other embellishments?

Please help me make up my mind!


  1. Both, slightly layered, ornaments, greenery, and a candle. And those are just AWESOME!

  2. Wow! You have been busy. Your projects look great!! Thanks for linking back to me. I also think that both frames would look nice together on the shelf. Make sure you show your final display! :)

  3. Sharon, what a great post. I have come to the conclusion that there are very few NEW ideas out there. I have actually done a couple of projects that I thought were totally NEW -- and then later found out that someone had done one very similar. I think the true creativity comes in making the project your own -- bringing out your personality in your creations, which you have done beautifully! Besides, I love it when someone copies something that I did (which I probably saw somewhere else, and they undoubtedly saw someplace) haha -- it's all good!

  4. I have awarded you The Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out:


  5. Thank you for the ideas...I'm working on putting it together now. I'll post final pictures! :-)
    Thank you for the award Ginger! I'll come by after Christmas shopping tomorrow!

  6. I love both...and I love that you aren't afraid to say you are a copycat! I love the way you make the ideas your own!

    thanks for following Mom is the Only Girl!

  7. I love all your projects! Thanks for visiting me at Stuff and Nonsense...I am now following your fabulous blog too!

  8. I vote you go with mine ;)

    Thanks for the shout-out! I love the red frame!!


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