Thursday, February 3, 2011

And the $45 CSN Winner is…

comment #43 selected by none other than!

imageThat comment was left by Carol W.  imageWell Carol, it looks like you’ll be getting that set of  the Rachel Ray Bubble and Brown casseroles!!!! Thank you for entering! I appreciate all the entries and will be doing another giveaway next week from Tina’s Tie Dye!!! Check back Monday for details!

On a sadder note…I had really hoped to win the Valentine’s Challenge over at A Less Than perfect Life of Bliss, but….even though I had enough votes to win (THANK YOU Everybody!!!)  I disqualified myself! How you ask?  Every entrant was to “vote” on at least one other project and I thought I had… I visited several. My comment did not post and I think this may be why. If I explain, maybe someone can tell me what  causes this:

When leaving a comment in the pop up small comment window, you comment and submit. Small window disappears and you are back on the blog page…if and only IF you scroll back down you will notice that your comment did not post! It’s just sitting there with a small red box under your comment. So you hit submit again and then again and finally on the third time you get  a word verification and poof it finally posts!!! This doesn’t happen all the time. Any insight is appreciated!  

You can bet I’ll be checking to make sure my comments post from now on! Congrats again Carol W.


  1. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog! I am a new follower of yours. I saw that you were asking for some thoughts on your blog. I really like the background, sides, and header. I do think that a linky party page would be a good idea. I can't speak for everyone, but I definitely look at this page on the blogs of other people. It's a great way to find new blogs you don't know about. :-)

  2. It seems that every blog has some sort of different commenting system. Some require your Google sign in; some require just your name and e-mail, and some require word verification and some require all of the above.

    Saddened that I didn't win but I know I can't win them all!

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Awwwwww, I'm sorry you didn't win, and it's worse that it's on a technicality!

    Let's see if this comment posts....


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