Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Winner of Tina’s Tie Dye is….

…another Tina! Using, I drew comment #15. Which is

“Tina said...

All of Tina's Tie Dye items are top quality and make you smile! My son's bright swirl shirt has been hanging in the laundry room for a week, I hesitate to move it because the colors brighten my day! For myself, I would pick the pink heart or the tie-dye cross shirts. Thank you for the giveaway...
Tina “

And I thought “hmmm…Tina? and no contact info?…what to do? So I contacted the tie dying Tina and asked her if she knew who this might be. It turns out that it is a Mom from co-op and she actually helps me teach in my lapbooking class! Shame on my for not thinking of it myself! Sooo…

CONGRATULATIONS “Other Tina!!!” :-) You are the winner of

The Tie Dye Tote

Bag with Bandana

From Tina’s Tie Dye!

Why no handy little snapshot of the number generator? Well, while waiting to hear from Tina #1, someone closed my window!!!! GRrrrr…So you’ll just have to trust me! ;-)

And Tina #2, Tina #1 will be bringing your tote to you on Tuesday! :-)


Check out Tina’s Facebook contest:

Tina is offering FREE SHIPPING for the next week if you will email her directly with your order!

I was also a major winner this week! I won Gail’s $75 CSN Stores giveaway! YAY!

csn 75 feb 2011

I guess nobody closed Gail’s window on her! :-) I was #10!!

Thanks Gail! I hope to do my “shopping” this weekend! Check out Gail’s Blog: My Repurposed Life. She has some of the most creative “repurposes” that I have seen and she is also one of the friendliest and most helpful bloggers that I have come across! She’s never to busy to help a blogging newbie! Thanks again Gail! Oh, she also has another giveaway from going on. Check it out…I’ve decided not to enter, so you all have a chance! ;-) I’ve been on such a winning streak lately that I’m scaring myself!

When I participated in the blog review, one of the questions that I asked was “How do you feel about giveaways?” At the time, it didn’t seem like I was getting many entries for my CSN giveaway and I was linking it up to giveaway directories! I was afraid that we were all getting saturated with giveaways! I was wrong! I received comments and emails that  you all like giveaways and think they are fun. Many, including myself, don’t like to “jump thru hoops” to enter. I also ended up with quite a few entries for my CSN giveaway! So, I will continue to offer them.

I had someone ask me last week, “What is the purpose of doing a giveaway?” Well, for me it has several purposes. After seeing a post on a “big blog” that she was receiving so many requests to do giveaways and reviews, that she was having to turn them down, I thought, well maybe having giveaways from
etsy shops and smaller businesses on my blog would be something I could do. I would feature the blog/etsy shop and list the giveaway and then link the giveaway up to the many giveaway linky directories out there. I may not have the followers that some of the more established blogs do, but the increase in traffic that I receive when I link up the giveaways to the directories  shows that people are definitely checking them out!!! To enter the giveaway, I send folks to the sponsor’s shop or site and that sends traffic their way. Tina’s husband said that their new site, went from a hit or a few a day to over a hundred or so a day! If that’s not right Tina, please correct me! So,my first goal is to give exposure to the giveaway sponsor! As I said, in doing that, my blog also receives more exposure. I hope that people will find me and stay around as a friend, that may not have found me otherwise. So that is definitely a benefit for me! Growing my blog is also one of my goals! Thirdly, making things fun for my readers is also a goal, so as long as you all think giveaways are fun, I’ll keep offering them! :-) I actually have a few in the works and I am very excited about them! I hope to have the next one up on Wednesday! Off to work on coordinating them!

Then I’m going to work on my cold frame and try to usher Spring in as early as possible1

Have a wonderful weekend!

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