Thursday, December 30, 2010

Usually it’s Me Knocking Off Pottery Barn, but Looks Like This Time They Copied Me!!!

I was checking out Pottery Barn to see what else I would be adding to my project to-do list and I found these:

Shell Spheres, Set of 3

Looks like they must have been checking out my blog ;-) and come across my “beach balls”105_1458


that I made after our trip to Tybee Island last May. PB’s  name is a little more dignified though…”Shell Spheres”.

I don’t mind, I copy their stuff all the time! lol


  1. PB knows a good thing when they see it!! Great job on your beach balls...I love them.

  2. These are awesome! Good for you, they're keeninspirations-inspired now! You should link these up to my Favorite 2010 Project Party here
    Have a great holiday!

  3. 'Tis good to know you have inspired PB!!! Love those beachy balls!! So cool!
    Happy New Year...and hugs!!

  4. Great idea! Now, where are my shells...

  5. that's soo cool that they had such similar products as what you created. Love PB!


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