Monday, December 13, 2010

It’s (finally) Beginning to Look Like Christmas….

…around here, both inside and out! Although a white Christmas isn’t typical here, in fact it’s rather rare,  a good snow sure does make you think Christmas!


In the last 24 hours we’ve piled up almost 4 whole inches!!


And that’s a decent snow for North Georgia! When we get that much snow,almost everything shuts down…no school, minimal businesses are open and most folks stay home to play!

Being “snowed in” is a great time to get started decorating for Christmas! And yes, you read that right, until today we didn’t even have our tree up! The only decoration up was a wreath on the front door. I’m sure you’ve seen these on other doors in blogland. I have! They are so simple and a little elegant all at the same time. Easy to make too, but that’s another post!


We knew with the snow coming we’d be all be home together and it would be a great time for tree trimming. The Keen Family broke a 27 year tradition this year and bought an artificial tree…yup…at first my kids didn’t know what to think when we first mentioned the possibility of an fake artificial Christmas tree. But they know we are operating on a tight budget this year and decided one of those trees couldn’t be all that bad….or could it?


Well, a 6ft. tree with lights for $25….it certainly sounds budget friendly! The picture looks pretty good too. There wasn’t one set up in the store, so the box was all we had to go on. We loaded it up took it home and opened up the box to find not a Christmas tree, but a pole with wires inserted and some green tips and lights at the outside edges. The first 4 inside inches of the branches were just bare wire and they weren’t even green! :( Unfortunately, my kids learned that a fake tree can be pretty bad! So we popped it back into the box and it went right back to the store! Reason for return? Not as pictured on box!

SDC10189 SDC10190 

Here is tree #2 for $20 and no lights:


Much better! It needed a little “height” so it’s on a covered box. Everyone was happy and got to work! Simple and traditional: colored lights, plastic “shatter-proof” ornaments (we live in a basement with concrete floors! ) in red, silver, gold and blue wrapped  with silver garland and topped off with a shiny star! All hung with love so Mom resisted the urge to go back and make any adjustments!

     SDC10208  !

Definitely a warm and fun way to spend a very cold and snowy day!  Are we the only ones just getting our tree up?

Hope you are staying warm!


  1. Pretty tree! The ones decorated with love are always my favorite! :o) My kids are holding out for snow. There's a 20% chance tomorrow in the Upstate of SC. Since I homeschool the boys, they won't miss classes. LittleGirl on the other hand, could be home tomorrow. ;o)

  2. I think it looks just dandy, and next year will be zero expense! I've never had a real tree since I left home in 1978- I couldn't justify chopping down a tree for a decoration. We love our silk tree, and I love the lack of needles everywhere.


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