Monday, December 27, 2010

A White and Wonderful Christmas…And Last Day to Vote!!!!

Just like many of you, my family awoke to a white Christmas! This was a first for our family and everyone was very excited!! While the snow was falling outside, we stayed warm and cozy inside exchanging our gifts. Traditionally, we start with our stockings, which are full of fun things
and that keeps everyone busy for awhile.
Next we start with the youngest child and each person opens a gift, one at a time.
This gives everyone a chance to enjoy each other’s gifts. It takes a while to get it all done, but not nearly as long as it used to when all of the kids were at home. Then we took a break for breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, sausage balls (yes, we eat these for breakfast! )and sparkling orange juice. I didn’t think to take a picture, so we’ll move on to phase II.
Over the year as our family grew, we realized that rather than each of the children trying to buy a little something for everyone they should draw names and focus on a special gift for that one person. When each daughter married and our son was engaged, their spouse or spouse to be was also included in the drawing. The “sibling exchange” as they call it has become a very special part of our Christmas. Almost as soon as they draw the names on Thanksgiving, they start plotting and planning and secretly talking with one another to try and find out what would be the perfect present for their “person”. Here are a few highlights. With ten kids and four spouses this takes  a while too….
SDC14150  SDC14156
SDC14161  SDC14164
All my kids and grandkids at home and a white Christmas, what more could a mom ask for?!?!? Well, they came bearing gifts….
SDC14359 SDC14360    SDC14361
I’ve wanted beaded white dishes ever since I saw these at Pottery Barn:
Emma, 16-Piece Cereal Bowl Set, White
I can’t wait to try them out!! I also received a certificate for a massage at a local day spa! I have awesome kids!
A little something in my stocking from the hubby:
Was I really that bad???
I guess not, ‘cuz I got these adorable Christmas Bears too!
They found a home right away in my Candy Corner.
We ended the day sledding in the dark!
SDC14200 SDC14273

While taking pictures of the kids sledding, I decided to take a picture of the snow-covered crab apple tree. One of the snow flakes coming down in front of it appears to be heart-shaped..., picturing what I was feeling at that moment, watching my family all together, enjoying a first white Christmas and each other...a very bright and FULL heart!
PS I almost forgot this, but tomorrow is the last day to vote at the Dollar Tree Craft Contest. I would appreciate your vote! Just click on the picture of my Candy Stand in the upper right hand corner….thank you!!

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