Thursday, April 15, 2010

For my Friend the Milk Maid…

As they say, better late than never, right? I was gone most of the day yesterday so that my daughter Susan could do a little “makeover” on me! ;) I should have taken a picture yesterday, ‘cuz I can never get my hair to look as good as she does! Oh well!
So, my friend the Milk Maid over at 12 Hats and a Sombrero and I were talking Tuesday about a round silver tray that she would like to repurpose, and we all know that a picture is worth thousand words, right? Here is the picture of my round tray with candles:
My tray is wooden and sturdy. I loved it as soon as I saw it, but the finish was awful. I usually go straight for my can of ORB, but shhhh…don’t tell, I grabbed Espresso in a satin finish this time….I just didn’t think ORB would fit in just right with the candles. I already had the one with the bark look. It was a gift from my daughter Stephanie and her husband. I needed two more candles for the grouping( 3’s and 5’s, MM) and wanted something “natural” to go with the bark. Covering them with scrapbook paper wouldn’t work so I tried wrapping them in some  jute twine and sisal. Instant candle makeover! Everything seems to be getting a makeover these days, even ducks! Go see what my friend Bretta did for an “ugly duckling”. Back to the candles…The tops were ugly and the wrong colors, so I started wrapping there and then enlarged the “hole” to pop in a tea light! Arial view:
I spread some moss and small decorative seed/balls around the bases and then put in two of the famous Dollar Tree Birds, a Blue Bird and Cardinal for some color.
Some specific ideas for Milk Maid….since your tray is silver and you want it to reflect the glow of the candles, I know you don’t want to cover the whole tray bottom. How about some decorative glass pebbles (Dollar tree) and then the few sprigs of natural greenery etc. that we talked about? If you can’t find the right “color” candle, we can cover them with scrapbook paper. There are textured and shimmery finishes available.
It’s hard to see, but this is wrapped in a textured cardstock that is slightly shimmery.
Does anyone else have any ideas for Milk Maid? She wants to do a candle grouping on a round, reflective tray.
We are off to the dentist and orthodontist, but this trip there is not time for thrifty stops! :(
Have a great day!


  1. Oh I just love the candle! Be blessed. Cindy

  2. love it! the colors just all bring everything together.

  3. love this! and esp the blue bird. not sure why-just adorable!

  4. I'm getting the idea... I'll have to stop by the dollar store today to see what I can stumble upon for decor.

    Thanks Sharon. Love ya!

    The Milk Maid

  5. I like your platter and candles. The twine candles are really clever. Might have to do that one. Your blog is really pretty. I really like the header.


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