Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Figuring Out What Works For Me…A Conversation with Myself…

Well, it is was the beginning of a new year. I can’t believe this month is almost half over! I’m still stuck in the first week, at least when it comes to resolutions, plans, projects and even blogging. Yup, my last post was dated January 2nd, so this  must be only the 3rd or 4th, right?


Really, I do know what day it is and realize how much time has passed in the new year already and that I am spinning my wheels once again! I had so many ideas and plans for my home and blog: cleaning, organizing, decorating, projects, menus, recipes, new methods to try, new routines, exercise, diet and the list goes on….The “New Year” is always the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and start fresh, right? Two weeks later when I still don’t have a written plan, no menu made, not much cleaning or organizing done and exercise, what’s that?, and even though I actually have a lot of things to share  blog about, I can’t don’t because of guilt…it’s also the perfect time for a perfectionist to CRASH and BURN! So after crashing into yet another basket of laundry that needs to be folded and put away, and burning with frustration and and fueled by a little anger, I had to ask myself “why isn’t this working?”                                                                            Self answered “Why isn’t what working? To which of the many things that you plan to change all at once are you referring?                                                                            I replied “Well, all of it! I really haven’t even started with most of the things I plan on changing or doing…and the one thing I thought would be easiest and I got started with, I am already way behind in!                                                       

Self was quiet for a minute or two….I could tell she was thinking and then she let me have it  “Well, aside from the trying to change everything all at once just because it’s a new year thing that you do every year, getting on someone else’s plan and timetable may not be the best idea for you, right now.”

“What?!?! I always work better under pressure, don’t I? And I have a strong competitive spirit too…so joining challenges and linking up finished projects can only help me get things accomplished, right?”

Self was looking a little smug. “I suppose that depends on what things you want to accomplish…”

I was getting a little angrier…”You know how much I have to do…from cleaning to completing the basement…and then there’s the kids school and co-op and groceries and coupons…and don’t forget about my blog….”

“That’s all true, but it’s the specifics to which I was referring...You definitely need to clean but did you really need to start with your sock drawer? You have a list of great projects, but do you really need to make the decorative jars before you make the shelf that they will be displayed on just because there’s a Jar -Themed linky party this week?”

I started to cringe…self was hitting the nail on the head and painful as it was, it was definitely time for some re-evaluation! 

So yesterday, as I worked on getting caught up on the laundry (too bad there isn’t a linky party for that! lol) I finished the conversation with myself and did some home and blog re-evaluation. Here are a few of the decisions we I reached.

Blog:I started my blog to inspire others and to share how I have been inspired. I also wanted to record and share what my plans are for finishing and decorating our basement which is where we live as we build up. I let myself get side tracked by getting so involved in the many wonderful and fun linky parties and challenges! While they are inspiring and feed my spirit of creativity and competition they don’t always help me reach my goals for my home, family and blog.  So instead of doing a project for the party, I will be doing my projects as planned …probably with a few deviations for challenges that I just can’t resist:-) and I will link up where they fit.

Home(which ends up carrying over into my blog): I do need to clean and organize…almost every room! There are many wonderful challenges out there to help with this including Toni’s over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. Her button is in my sidebar so check it out for some motivation. I will be applying the same principle to my cleaning and organization that I am using for my blog. I will clean and organize what needs it most in my house and link it up it if it fits. I found that trying to keep up with the challenges kept me tripping over laundry and Christmas stuff yet to be put away while I was busy organizing something behind a door or drawer that could have waited a day or three…or even a week while I tackled what was in plain sight and everyone’s path!

Family: As a large (but shrinking all too quickly for this Mom) family, we do many things “differently”…well, I thought they were different, until I started blogging and found that the many creative and or money saving ideas I use are already being shared in abundance on some awesome thrifty/frugal living blogs! I have let this keep me from sharing some of what my family does to save money and enjoy life. Well not anymore! :-) Although I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, I will be sharing cooking, shopping and other fun and creative money saving ideas here…with no guilt! :-)

There! I’ve said it…and I do feel better but with that all being said, I am now off to tackle some of my cleaning projects and this time in the order that will clear the paths fastest! ;-)

Tomorrow I’ll share some of the organizing “challenges” that I have accomplished. Thank you for sticking around to the end and hearing or …ummm…reading  me out! Has anyone else had to re-evaluate  their New Year’s resolutions/plans/goals already? I’d love to know if I’m the only one…


  1. Yup sure did ! I'll call and tell you about it. After school hours of course :o)

  2. glad to see you back Mom:) can't wait to read your posts!

  3. Good stuff!! I started my blog for my enjoyment and to share with reason for it to become another burden. So I'm posting when I want. :)


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