Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Green Beans and Apple Pie

Today my family was supposed to go pick apples at a friend of a friend’s home but we couldn’t all get connected…so hopefully we will get another chance to go. I have great plans for making applesauce, apple butter, red hot apple jelly and Miss Kitty’s Apple Pie Filling! Miss Kitty was one of the finest examples of a Christian lady that I know! She passed away earlier this year. She was an awesome gardener and cook. Her recipe for Apple Pie Filling is amazing! My family would eat it right out of the jar! I didn’t get to make any today, but thought I would still share the recipe!
Miss Kitty’s
Apple Pie Filling
Prepare your apples, enough to fill 7 quarts. Fill your clean jars with apples. Pour over the apples this mixture, that you have boiled until clear:
8 cups water
6cups sugar
1 cup cornstarch
1TBL salt
1TBL cinnamon
Wipe jar tops, screw on seal and bands and process in a boiling water bath for 20 minutes. A quart is enough for a 9 inch pie.
I love having this on the shelf in the winter! It makes dessert easy, fast and delicious!
Since I stayed home today, I was able to harvest from the garden and just in time…some of my green beans and cucumbers got a little big! :( I   feel so wasteful when that happens! Here is what I found when I walked in the garden:
I found this pepper plant at Ingles, a local grocery store. I had to buy it because of it’s name, “Costa Rican” …I have a special spot for anything Costa Rican after having visited there with my daughter! Someday, I’ll go back! Anyway, it finally has a pepper on it!
I am actually going to have some eggplant this year!
The okra is finally blooming and bearing. I was able to pick a few today.
The second planting of squash is bearing now too!
I actually have a few flowers that have survived the dry weather!
Today’s Harvest
I was able to put up 13 quarts of green beans from that basket! It was a very profitable day even if we didn’t get to pick apples!
 I'm sharing Miss Kitty's Apple Pie recipe at the parties in my sidebar. Check out the food related linky parties! I’ve found some awesome recipes there!
I'm also sharing my garden at Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt your flowers! Check out some amaing photos of gorgeous gardens here!


  1. Oh my! Your garden has produced a bountiful feast. Mine is so sad. Just so hot and cold in the evening. None of my garden plants are doing well. Sigh!!
    Thanks doer the recipe. Sounds delish!!

  2. You are certainly reaping the fruits of your labor. Jean

  3. I planted a Costa Rican sweet pepper this year for the first time too! We've got one pepper and lots of flowers - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that we get more than one. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Wonderful looking harvest and thanks for the recipe- apples should be coming on here in the next few weeks. Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party!

  5. beautiful! that eggplant is gorgeous :)

    When you have time, let me know what you're thinking of as far as the couponing posts go. :)

  6. I love canning apple pie filling too. It's so handy to have on hand whenever I need a quick pie to take to a carry in.

  7. Great vegetable harvest and that Apple Pie Filling looks spectacular.

  8. You have collected a beautiful harvest.

  9. Nice veggies and I love the Blue Daze in the container.

  10. Lovely vegetables. My senior mom's gardening efforts have been sweetly rewarded as well - in spite of, what we've been told, unseasonably hot weather. So next year should be even better. Very cool! :)

  11. Wow Apples already?! Fun stuff. I picked a mess of green beans here yesterday and made a nice asian flavored salad for a potluck today. Its so nice to have fresh produce!


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