Monday, October 11, 2010

Winners! Winners! Winners!

Good Monday Morning!!! When I posted the closing date of the giveaway, I had no idea that the following weekend would be so busy and that I would have to wait until Monday to announce the winner. So without any further waiting…..
The WINNER is:
Comment #17, as generated by, Heidi Wendland!
Congratulations Heidi! We think alike on the fall decorating…I love the “smells” of fall too!
Thank you everyone for entering and giving me some awesome ideas for fall table decorating and the input on what to do with my gate-leg table. I’ll be sharing more on that soon.
There were some other winners on Friday, not through my blog, but over at The CSI Project. I love it over there! The challenges over there provide me with a lot of inspiration! On the weeks that they are hosting something that I want to participate in, I stay on top of getting a project finished because of the deadline to enter. It’s not a month long project that I will tend to think that I “still have time” I know that I only have from Tuesday ‘til Thursday or I’ve missed it…and I have …more than once! I work so much better with a deadline…even if it’s getting cleaned up for company coming! :-) I also get so excited when I see all the other projects…I usually end up wanting to try several.
I love these from Nine to Midnight Designs.

and I want to try something like this from Infarrantly Creative for my laundry room which is a work in progress.
My friend Nikki from Nikki’s Nifty Knacks and I both made the Top 10! Woo-Hoo!!

Here are Nikki’s Ballard Boxes:
Lori’s comment: “I am a sucker for silhouettes and the fact that you can hide stuff in these storage boxes is such a plus!  I am all about hiding the ugly inside something cute!”
And my Ballard Birds:
Lori’s Comment:”The birds in this project were so great.  SO cute!  But it is really the sticks that they are standing on that I love!  I actually have some ideas on how I am going to implement them into some holiday decor!!  So excited to have such a great tutorial on how to make them!”
Thank you Lori for liking my little birds and your kind words!
Lori from Be Different, Act Normal was the guest judge this week. She has a link party on Saturdays that I can’t wait to join!

Here is the Calendar for the upcoming challenges at The CSI Project:
I also had a small but winning (at least in my book! ) project this past week. I found this wooden basket at the thrift store time ago. It was looking a little tired.120_8806
After wiping it down with some Murphy’s Oil Soap. I dry brushed some opaque black acrylic paint over it 120_8921    
and was amazed at the transformation!
Instead of old and worn out, I have aged with detail
and warmth…
I love it when a little project like this turns out so amazingly wonderful! It took me all of about ten minutes to do this!  I filled it with some ummm…filler…120_8920
and now I just need to find the right spot for it! :-)
So, it’s been a winning weekend!
Sharing my wonderful new wooden basket at:

and some of the parties listed in my sidebar like

Come along and check out some very inspiring projects! I found a new link party here:



  1. I was just running over here to make sure you knew you'd made the top ten! Your birds are so awesome though, I'm not surprised!

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  3. OMG! I am so excited because is my birthday too. Yeah me! This is the first time I have won anything on the internt too. I am so so so excited. I can't wait to get my prize!

  4. Love this tray and what you've done with it! I had one that I glued to the top of a chunky wood candleholder, painted the whole shebang beachy turquoise then glazed with burnt umber. LOVED IT...then I sold it on Etsy. I am keeping my eyes peeled for another one.

  5. Thanks for the shout out on my porch. Your wooden basket turned out so good. I have a sign I want to make using a similar technique.

  6. looks great! it was nice seeing you Friday :)

  7. Love what you did with the tray. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it.

  8. Wow what a difference. I just purchased a bread basket at round top. Haven't touched her yet. but she probably does need a good waxing.

  9. You have inspired me. I have a wooden piece that I wasn't sure how to refresh. Now I know the perfect way. Thanks for the idea.

  10. This just proves that some things do get better with age, and a little Murphy's oil ;) Love the tray and your filler.

  11. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO, we rock! :) LOVE your tray too! :)

  12. Wow!! I can't believe the transformation! You're right, it is so much warmer now. :)


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