Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Help! Please!!

I have not been able to view my friends/followers box or anyone else’s either….for about a week, this is what I get after the page loads:

imageBut when I click the diagnose button, I don’t get anything other than the possible problems but no solutions.

Hey, it’s bad when you can’t tell who your friends are! ;-)So, help please?!?!?!?

Thanks…in advance!



  1. Hey Sharon! That happened to me not too long ago. I needed to upgrade my Explorer software. Once I did, I could see my Friends/Followers again. Hope this helps. :o)

  2. I get this sometimes, too. I usually first refresh the page. Or I log off the net and log back on after a few minutes, then it'll be okay for a while. Or I go off the blog I'm on (close it out), then reopen the site. Kind of "resetting" types of activities, I guess.

  3. Hope you figure this out! I have not a clue how to help!! Good luck!


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