Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Good Deal for Bath and Body Works!!

Yesterday I was inspired by my blog friend BA to start thinking about teacher’s gifts for Christmas. She found these

at Bath and Body Works and posted about her score here!

It got me thinking about what great gifts these would be, especially if paired with one of the travel size hand lotions. Today I received an email with a notice of free shipping on orders over $25 so I clicked on over and started shopping. I know BA fell in love with the cupcake scents, but since I was shopping online and couldn’t sniff, I had to go with something I already knew:

Peppermint Twist

Twisted Peppermint Pocketbac™ Deep Cleansing Hand Gel - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works 


Vanilla Bean Noel    Vanilla Bean Noel Pocketbac™ Deep Cleansing Hand Gel - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works






I put 5 each in my shopping bag @ $1each and then added 10 of these:






at $3.33 each for a total of $43.30. I started wondering if there might be a coupon for a discount on the total out there so I looked around and found one at for 20% off your whole order!! You use the code: SEPTHX. Since the shipping discount was automatically applied, it let me use the code for the discount! So my grand total for the whole order including tax and shipping was $34.64!! Not bad for 10 teacher gifts! I’ll add appropriate candy like mints and kisses and put them in a plastic bag like BA had, only I’ll have to get mine at Dollar Tree!

I think the free shipping was only for today so GO SHOPPING!!


  1. Great idea! I LOVE that True Blue Spa Hand Cream! Thanks for the great ideas. I am an online shopper and frequent the coupon sites. I just search and there are so many coupons available. Have a great evening!

  2. woo hoo! you totally scored! and im happy that it got you in the christmas spirit-it is only 71 days away!

  3. What a super find!!! Look at you being ahead of the curve! And reading the thrifty ba's comment - oh goodness...only 71 days?!?!!

  4. What a wonderful idea. The teachers are going to love you for sure!! And the discounts are an added bonus!!

  5. Whoa, thanks for the tip! The hubs is a teacher, so I have all his girlfriends to buy for!


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