Monday, May 2, 2011


Is anyone still around? Not that I expect there to be…I’ve been gone a while with no explanation. How rude of me…I didn’t intend to be, I just thought that “tomorrow, I will surely be able to write…” In a nutshell, I have been gone more than home. With hubby on the road and two boys playing baseball on separate teams,many dental appointments and then throw in life in general and it doesn’t leave alot of time for much, sometimes not even enough for the cookin’ and cleanin’. Whatever made me think that I would have more time to blog with my hubby working out of town???

All that to say, that I have actually completed some projects and am working on some more. One of my them is over on Gail’s blog My Re-purposed Life. I had agreed to guest post for her while she is away at her daughter’s wedding. I did get that done and written up! So I haven’t been a total slacker, just mostly a slacker! :-) Go check out what I’ve been working on, it’s the beginning of a much larger project!

Keeping this short and sweet so I actually post it! I will be back tomorrow…or maybe later tonight, I know that I have some catching up to do…I think there is even a giveaway that I need to wrap up….yeah, I’m bad…

Until later…


  1. Hey! Still here, looking forward to seeing what projects you've completed! I'm totally the same, so many times I think 'I'll do it tomorrow' next thing I know weeks have passed! And who ever said SAHM mums have free time is soooooooooooo wrong, looking after my boys fills up more hours than there are in the day!

  2. Hello Friend! I hope your world slows down soon but I know your grateful for your hubby to have work. Miss ya!

  3. hello sure do keep us running...can't wait to see what you have been working on...come on over for a visit to my blog as well....c u soon...Mariaelena

  4. Hey!! Good to see you and yes I am still here!!
    Baseball can take up lots of time...not to mention traveling back and forth...all over town. No wonder you are out of time.
    Take care and have a great day

  5. I am, but I neglected my blog for a few months, too.

  6. hey!

    jope everything is okay... we noticed you weren't blogging on your WLB blog either... Hope you can get back into your routine!


    WLB Team

  7. know what ya mean.. life has surely gotten in the way of a lot of us lately. :)


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