Friday, March 11, 2011

Coffee Printables, Starbucks Winner and Pampered Chef Giveaway Reminder!

Happy Friday! Isn’t Friday a  great day to “start” your week?? I think so! I’ve been quiet all week…but busy…and thinking and learning! I will be sharing some of that next week! I am encouraged and excited!!! I have seen articles with titles dealing with what to do when you don’t know what to blog about…and I just couldn’t imagine not having something to say, either in real life or on my blog…I totally have the opposite problem! I typically don’t know when to be quiet! ;-) So I have have lots to share, I just don’t know what to share first!!
Today, lets start with the winner of the Starbucks GC. Thank you for all the “Happy Blogiversary” wishes and the sweet and encouraging comments for the upcoming year! I am really looking forward to another year of inspiring and being inspired by friends new (386 of you??!?!?) and not so new…I’ve learned not to say “old”…Who wants to be “old”?!?! You only have to correct me once! lol
And the winner is:
#43 New Friend, Michelle!
Congratulations Michelle! I’ve sent you an email!!
I told you I would have coffee printables coming up and they are finally ready to share. Sometimes it takes a little extra tweaking to make me happy with my word art! The first one is a coffee definition:
Coffee Definition Printable Keen Inspirations
It is 5.75x5.75 inches so that it will fit nicely on a 6 x6 ceramic tile. Click to the image to open the larger image an then right click to save. It should be resizable in your photo editing software. If you need a different size and can’t get it…email me! The second one is subway style word art with some coffee sayings that I saw hanging in a coffee shop years ago. I can’t find the exact sayings all together anywhere now…not even with Google! So I went with what I remembered! This is the one that has taken me so long:
 Coffeeology Printable Keen Inspirations
It is the same size as the definition above. Here is what I did with mine.
Keen Inspirations Coffee Definiton
I wanted color this time and I wanted the warm, brown, burlap feel. I wasn’t ready to try my printer on fabric yet, so I went to the next best thing…burlap look scrapbook paper! I don’t know where we would  be without all the choices in scrapbook paper!
Keen Inspirations scrapbook paper
These tiles are only available in white or “biscuit”…no black, so I created black edges on mine with a little craft paint. It went into the sides well, because they are so porous. The front accepted the paint but would scratch off fairly easy until covered in several coats of Mod Podge.
Keen Inspirations Tile
On the definition tile, I only painted the 1/4 inch or so that would be showing outside of the burlap paper. I printed the definition out, Mod Podged it down and covered it with a heavy book til dry. This keeps the paper from bubbling up. When it was dry, I brushed the Mod Podge over the top going in one direction. After it was dry, I “inked the edges” with a little more black craft paint.
Keen Inspirations Coffee Definition
Having one coat of Mod Podge on allowed the paint to smear and wipe easily. I put on a final coat of the Mod Podge going in the other direction. I don’t know if it is the matte formula or the type of paper, but I didn’t get the canvas look from the brush this time. I did leave a smudge by the C in coffee, but decided to leave it for effect, k?
Keen Inspirations coffee Definiton (2)
For Coffeeology, after I painted the edges black, I cut a piece of coffee bean scrapbook paper to fit the tile and Mod Podged it down. I printed the word art out on a coordinating textured cardstock and glued it on top of the coffee paper allowing the edges to show. After it sat for a while under a heavy book and  dried, I coated the top and sides of the tile with several coats of the matte Mod Podge.
keen Inspirations Coffeeology 
I have a plate rack that I thought I would use to  display these, but I’m not sure if the tiles are too small. What do you think? Also, if I use the rack, I need something for the middle….a picture maybe? more word art? What do you think??
Keen Inspirations Coffee Word Art 
I am having so much fun with these tiles! It started with my Family Definition Tile,
Keen Inspriations Family definition Printable
and now I want to Mod Podge everything to a tile! :-) The possibilities are endless and what great, customizeable (is that a word?) gifts!!!
Don’t forget to enter the Pampered Chef giveaway here!
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You can also take advantage of Kim’s free shipping and bonus offers here! Don’t  forget to tell me what your thoughts on my tiles on the rack, please!
Off to “work” again today!
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  1. You need a picture in the middle. If you want I'll do you one instead if the canvas I owe you and you can mod podge it on another tile ! Love this project it's awesome !

  2. These are amazing! I have a friend the coffee one would be perfect for, thanks for sharing!

  3. Three Words: I LOVE IT!

    I'm so in love with these tiles and am wondering if this is a project that even I could possibly accomplish without fail. Maybe. I know I've got tile laying around here somewhere. What do you think of doing a tea stain on plain white paper? Or do you have to use the thicker scrapbook paper?

    I'm passing this idea on to my sister because I know she could do it! She is a crafty gal.

    Again, I LOVE IT! And I love you!

    I can't wait for the next giveaway! I've had so much fun keeping up with your Blogiversary!

  4. Love these & the inking around the edges really adds to it. Thanks for linking up!

  5. These look great, Sharon! So glad we were blessed to have quite a few cups of coffee together this was just so refreshing to be with you!

    I think the same tile done with a steaming coffee cup outline graphic instead of words would be nice in the middle.

    I happen to have an empty three-plate rack on my wall at the moment...I need to measure my spaces and make myself some of these!

  6. So cute and clever! I'm loving the coffeeology! Too funny!

  7. This is amazing! I know so many people who would get a kick out of your coffee tile art. I've been working on a wine themed kitchen. This would be a perfect addition. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I have to admit that I'm a coffee addict. These word art tiles are very creative. I have several coffee-themed scrapbook paper, which I bought online a few years ago. You have inspired me to get them out of my craft "attic" and use them. Thanks!
    I remember seeing that Coffeeology poster at a coffee store, and took a photo of it. If I find it, I will email you a copy.

  9. Super cute! Being a totally coffee addict I love it! As far as what to put in the middle of your rack, maybe a picture of a beautifully crafted latte or something like that... :)

  10. This is fantastic! I love it!

  11. Love your tiles! So crafty and perfect for any coffee lover!

  12. Love love love these word definition projects and your turned out great. Such a terrific tutorial too. Thanks so much for sharing it on Motivated Monday at BeColorful.

  13. That looks great. Love that scrapbook cool!!Thanks linking up to A Marvelous Mess!!

  14. For the center one, I saw where someone slices a teacup and clued half to the saucer with the handle out to the right. You could do that with a large plate and an awesome coffee mug.

  15. These are awesome-thanks for sharing them!

  16. cute coffee mug picture in middle..................................


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