Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Week of “Firsts” for Me!

Well, Saturday I woke up to my first time being featured, over at Domestically Speaking’s Power of Paint Party  then yesterday I did my first guest post at Nikki’s Nifty Knacks and today I came home to a “Blug” from my sweet friend The Milk Maid…I just have warm fuzzies all over! It’s so nice to be recognized for something that you’ve done and then to top it off with a blug (you know a blog hug! blog+hug-lo=BLUG!) has just made my week! FreeHugs[6][1]

So, now I am supposed to share about a memorable hug and then pass a Blug on.

I don’t have a particular hug that is memorable because I am always hugging! I love real life hugs! I love hugs from friends and family and I’ve especially come to appreciate hugs from my married children! I am blessed that they don’t live too far away so we see each other regularly, but they give me a  hug when they arrive and then again when they leave. These hugs are very precious to me! One of my daughters, Stephanie has a blog, so I can send her a blug…the other two will just receive an extra hug from me when I see them next!

Milkmaid, I’m “blugging” you back! :) I know you’ve already blugged the co-op bunch, but I’m adding my blug to yours at Bretta’s and Jewlez blogs!

I’m also sending a special one to jhill over at Mad in Crafts she hasn’t been feeling well…but it’s for a good reason…she is expecting! Congrats!

“Blug” someone you love!


  1. I blug you too, Sharon....

    I'm so glad I get to hug you in person!

    You are a blessing!

  2. Awww... thanks for the "blug" mom ! I can't wait til the 28th we do need to atleast do lunch !!

  3. how wonderful! can't wait to check out those links


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