Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tipsy Pot Planter

Two years ago, I found the plans for a “Tipsy Planter” in an online gardening magazine. I made one out of clay pots and enjoyed it all summer. When winter came, I left it out full in the freezing temperatures and one of the pots cracked and I took it apart. Since I didn’t get to garden much last year, it still looks like this:
I have plans to redo it soon. Since I couldn’t find my original picture from the magazine, I googled and found this Tipsy Planter:
Aren’t they fun?? These are really easy to make and are such a good conversation piece.
I thought I would do a variation on this theme as a gift for my Mom-in-law. Since it was going to be moved, I wanted it lighter than the clay pots would be. I thought I would try plastic. I found these at Dollar General.
blog pics 126
Not the paint, lol, just the planters. My MIL is more of the white stone kind of gardener, so I thought I would try out Krylon’s Fusion Paint for plastic in a textured finish. The can says that it doesn’t need a primer and that it dries in 15 minutes. Skipping the primer step and fast drying time! A real plus for me!106_5921
This went on evenly and was very forgiving when I did spray heavily in a couple of spots. It dried fast and has a shinier finish than the Rustoleum Multi-Colored Texture.
Since this is not as heavy as the clay, I found this stake thing  at Walmart to use instead of re-bar to slide the pots over.  It’s plastic coated steel and can be cut easily with a hack saw. This was a 3 foot section that I (I mean hubby)cut down to 2 feet. 104_5914
After the paint was dry, these are the steps I used to put it all together.
Hubby cut a wood block to go in the bottom to hold the pole in place.
Then he drilled a hole in it large enough for the pole to slide into.
It fits nicely.
Next he stacked all three small pots together and drilled  a hole in them all at the same time! :-) Smart hubby!
I shoveled  some potting soil into the bottom pot.
And started adding plants.106_5927
This one looks like a mini Petunia to me! Inside the container, one plant was actually three! So I took a sharp knife and sliced down through the roots and made three out of one!  106_5928106_5930
I did the same thing to some Impatiens.
 106_5932 106_5933
I’m really liking it!
I slid the smaller pots on the pole and filled them up too!
106_5943  106_5942
I picked up a saucer at Home Depot this afternoon, gave it a coat of paint and put it underneath.
Ready to go for tomorrow!
Happy Mother’s Day!!

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  1. This is so cute! I bet your MIL is going to love it!

  2. Gorgeous! Your MIL will be thrilled with this. I am too! I will have to give this a try!
    Hugs and thanks
    Happy Mothers' Day

  3. You are ONE amazing woman... I am so serious. I cannot believe the things that you do. God has truly gifted you and I LOVE watching you.

    Love seeing HIM in YOU!

    Happy Mother's Day, friend

  4. How sweet, your mom is really going to like this. It came out beautiful. I really like your idea when you did the first one. Never thought of doing it in plastic.

  5. That is such a fun project!

  6. That is SOOOO cool! I think I need to make one for my front soon as its cleaned off LOL!

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  8. Sharon, Love this! I have had this in my to do since last year and you have given me the inspiration I needed to go make this! Fabulous tutorial! Yours turned out gorgeous! I'll be featuring these today. Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it. You can pick up a featured button if you like. Thanks again! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  9. This is a great variation on the project. This will work perfect for renters

  10. That's a really cool idea! I might have to try this out this year!

    Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills Party!

  11. That is actually pretty simple thanks for sharing your instructions.

  12. Stopping by from TMT - Great tutorial and adorable! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!


  14. Adorable!!! My neighbor and I just found out next "project". Thanks so much for posting!!!

  15. I love plants and I so want one of the tipsy pot planters. Thank you for showing how to do it.

  16. Yours is, by far, the best tutorial for these I've seen. Thanks for the VERY clear step-by-step directions. Once our Wisconsin weather decides it's done fooling around, this will be one of my first projects of the season. Thanks!

  17. I love this! It turned out so great! I need something like this!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

  18. I"m so impressed with this plant apparatus.

  19. Dang girl, you're on FIRE in the gardening dept!!!!!! You're yard is gonna look like a DIY episode! ;)

  20. Just stopping by from Make it Yours Day. The flower pot idea is great. Thanks for sharing. I plan on posting about my flowers next week. You'll have to stop by to check them out.

  21. I love it! I have never seen a tipsy planter, too cute.

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  23. Your tipsy pots turned out super! great job, and great tutorial!

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  27. What a great job and I know just the place where I could put one. Helpful pics and instructions; thank you!

  28. So cute! I love the way the plants can cascade over the edges!
    Thanks for sharing at My Backyard Eden!

  29. Very cute, I'm sure she loved it!

  30. Very clever...I've never understood how to do that...I may be trying to make one myself!

  31. I'm going to have to do this!!! I love it. This is now bookmarked...LOL

    Thanks so much for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another great party!

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    Have a marvelous afternoon!

  35. I have planes of doing a topsy pot planter thingy LOL I love how the white turned out!

  36. I love it! I have never seen a tipsy planter, too cute.


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