Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Very First Feature!!

I am so excited! I woke up this morning to see that my Faux Stone Planter


is in “The Spotlight”


at  MaryAnn’s Power of Paint Party over at Domestically Speaking!! Yay!!!

Each Tuesday night (for Wednesday)she hosts a Power of Paint Linky Party FULL of inspiration! Check it out. 

Power of Paint Party

It was so cool to see my planter in her “Spotlight”  for this week!

I’ve been spray painting things to make them new again for many years and not because it was “crafty and fun” but because it was “cheap and easy"! Way back when the color choices were black, white and a few basic colors with the options of flat or gloss….oh how things have changed! Now there are so many colors and textures that I can hardly make up my mind! LOL

I have another faux stone project in mind I think I’ll go get started…FUN!


  1. Congrats! Just made you feel special didn't it? Your planter (I will say again) turned out perfect. Be blessed. Cindy

  2. How exciting! Told you it was brilliant :o)

  3. Congratulations- but I can see why!
    What a great project.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I am delighted to do the same.
    I am off to read more!



    White Spray Paint

  4. I knew you were awesome and now the whole world knows! Congrats friend!

  5. Congratulations! I can see why it was featured. It looks great! laurie

  6. Yay...for being featured. I'm tellin' ya...there's nothing better! I love your stone planter, it looks just like the real thing!

    Finding Fabulous

  7. Look at you.... all featured...

    You are ONE amazing woman. I love seeing the creativity of the Father on you.

    So glad you are one of my "real life" friends....

    You bless me! Thank you for your words left on my blog today.
    I love that we are walking similar paths...


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