Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easiest “Stone Planter” EVER!

Wow! What a whirlwind of activities! I never dreamed that it would be almost a week before I would be able to post! It all started at 8:30 am Saturday morning when 4 of my daughters and I drove 2 hours to a 5th daughter’s house so that we could all go shopping in Atlanta. It was an awesome day with my girls (missed you Steph! :( ) and I did a little Dollar Tree shopping!
I also took lots of pictures of things that inspired me to try and make my own version…cheaper…way cheaper! I will share those soon.
My girls found some great things and then we had some awesome food and family fun! I planned on taking pictures of the girls, but do you think I remembered???NO! Shame on me. :(  We got home at midnight…and that is the end of the first day…
The busiest week ever needs the easiest project ever, right?This is hard to even call a project, but I am! At the Dollar Tree, I spotted these white plastic pots trying so hard to look like real stone pots, they had a nice pattern and even a rounded edge, 108_0872
but they still just looked like plastic Dollar Tree pots. Guess what popped into my mind? Yup! “How would those look with at couple of coats of the multi-textured Caribbean or Desert Bisque from Rustoleum?” I brought some home and gave it a try.
I started with a coat o f the primer for plastic. You don’t have to have a heavy coat of it either. 108_0870  Then I sprayed away with the Desert Bisque…I got so carried away that I sprayed all 3 of the round ones, forgetting that I wanted to do one in Caribbean! It doesn’t take much for me to get carried away…
Voila! Stone planters! 108_0878
Three round for $8.77 and that includes the cost of the paint.  I got 3 planters done with one can. The oval was only a $1 plus a third of a can of paint!
Here’s my little “inside secret” I don’t spray all the way down inside…It’s going to be filled with dirt and a plant anyway, right? I just let it fade away as I spray over the edge!
This is SO EASY, even someone who says “but I’m not creative…” can DO this!With or without a very hectic week! :o)
I’m off to the ball field where both of my boys have games at 7:15.  Thankfully, the fields are side by side, and I can go back and forth!

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‘Til Tomorrow…I hope…


  1. I love spray paint! It can change anything!

  2. You are one of the most creative people I know.... It's His signature on you, you know.... The Creator has made you creative... I love that!

  3. Does the textured paint adhere to the primer? Does it rub off? When I contacted Rustoleum earlier, they told me only paint for plastic could be used over the plastic primer.

  4. Tru, that is a great question! One I thought about, but in my hurry and excitement never really "asked", I did an experiment and am doing a post on it right now! :-)


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