Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two of My Favorite Projects

I love The CSI Project!!! It is very inspiring to me…each week they have a project theme and you link up your projects that fall under that category. Sometimes the upcoming themes inspire me to finish a project a little faster or maybe even get started on one. Seeing all the other projects usually inspires the copycat in me! :-) Sometimes I already have something finished that I am proud of and ready to show off and I just link up! This weeks theme is “Favorite Projects of the Year”. As I was looking through past posts and projects, I found several that were my favorites, two that I did last spring and one that I just finished last week and haven’t really shared yet. There are two more, but they have already been entered and made the Top 10 in previous weeks, so I don’t know if they are even eligible.

I started my blog in March and so my ideas and projects quickly turned to the outside and garden as the temperatures warmed up. My Tipsy Pot Planter has always been one of my favorites! It was fun to put together, it looked amazing as the flowers grew and filled it up and was a great conversation piece all summer as I was asked “How is that standing like that?”


I also made one for my Mother-in-Law.


The tutorial for one of these is here.

Next is probably one of the easiest projects that I’ve done. You can turn an ordinary nursery pot into a gorgeous stone look planter with just textured spray paint and foam pipe insulation! Complete tutorial here.


So, I’m linking these up at:

Visit thecsiproject.com

Do you have a favorite project…or a few favorites?? Come join me and link up too!


Oh, my post last night may have been misleading…you can still vote today at Dollar Store Crafts! I’d appreciate your vote, just click on the picture of my candy stand in the top right corner!  Thank you!


  1. I am right there cozied in beside you with a few of my favorites- ah retrospectives!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I wanted to stop by and wish you the very best in the New Year! Keep up all the inspirational projects. You are amazing!

  3. Love this...I have one that stands in my front yard!

  4. And I am HONORED, that your tipsy planter made its debut as a guest post on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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