Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Candy “Machine”

I didn’t  post a teaser about this project yesterday, but I was so excited about how it came together that I had to share it first! My inspiration for this came from A Pumpkin and A Princess’s Fall Candy Jar:

I thought it was adorable!! I really wanted to make one, but I was thinking more along the lines of a traditional gumball machine in red, and maybe even on a stand. Then, I found this  glass bowl at the thrift store and knew I had to do one!
It is a little bigger than the “ivy” bowls or very small fish bowls, so I got an 8” clay pot and 6” clay saucer. I already had a wooden bead for the top…thank you favorite thrift store! I let my idea set for a while because I wanted to find a way to make it more realistic with a “knob” and “flap”. When I was cleaning out my utility room, I found this small handle that had broken off of something and knew it would be perfect for a knob.
The final ingredient came to me when I was thrifting with my niece (Hi Melissa!! ) over Thanksgiving. Here is the “stand”.
I just love it when things come together like that!! I gave the clay and wood a couple of coats of red spray paint and the knob a coat of Krylon’s Matte Nickel.  When everything was nice and dry, I glued the knob on with Gorilla Super Glue.
SDC10006 (2)  SDC10009 (2)
Then I used a silver Sharpie to draw on the “flap”.
SDC10010 (2)         SDC10011
When everything was dry, I put them together with a little Gorilla Glue.
I filled it with starlight mints and put the lid on!
The Clay pot fit right down over the top of the candle stand. Perfect fit!
I think I will fill it with red and green Christmas M&M’s when my grandsons come for Christmas! MMMM……

This was so easy to put together and looks so cute when it’s finished! My teenage girls were giggling……”awww it’s a gumball machine!” :-)

      ********Mr. Gumball Machine made the Top 10 at the CSI Painted Holiday Project*******

Thank you folks at The CSI Project  for the honor and thank you to A Pumpkin and A Princess for inspiring me!
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  1. That's very cute! Love the idea of putting Christmas candy in it.

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed! You never would know by looking at it what it used to be, great job!

  3. I love it!! So adorable!! And what a cool idea for the holidays!!
    Well done!!

  4. Thanks for linking this up. Your knob turned out just perfect! I love these.

  5. Sharon,
    Just too cute!!
    I love it!

  6. Very FUN! Everyone will love it! Happy holidays! ♥

  7. I love gumball machines! That is so cute. great job.
    thanks for linking up and linking back,

  8. I have never seen this cute!

    If you have a minute...I started a new link party Creative Juice Thursdays...

    I'd love if you could stop by and add this "gumball machine"

    Happy Holidays!

  9. How cute! I love it!

    I just found your blog through one of the Friday Blog Hops! Have a great weekend.

    Amanda @

  10. It's so cute and creative! I have all the materials to make this and I know a few kids that would love it. It's adorable!

  11. That's just awesome! I love your twist on the project, from the color to the realistic details to the stand! You made a real conversation starter out of junk, and it's fabulous.

  12. What a totally awesome idea. I am so going to have to file this one away to do one day.

    Found you via Craft Friday

  13. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  14. Oh my goodness, how clever you are!! That is just adorable! I have a bubblegum cookie jar (which is only full of dog treats). But this is just so cute I have to try it myself! Thanks for the tutorial. Love the bright red too.

  15. TOTAL CUTENESS! I WANT ONE!!! I love how you used what you had. My favorite thing to do! I'll have to go and dig through my garage and see what I can find. Thanks for the fun ideaQ

    Jennie @ CInnaberry Suite

  16. I like your idea of putting candy in yours since I hate gum. However, the gumball machine brings back memories of one of my childhood piano teachers. She was an older woman who kept this huge gumball machine in her kitchen. After we kids had our lesson, she would give us change to "buy" 2 gumballs out of her machine to enjoy on the way home. I didn't like gum, so I either spit mine out or gave it to my brother or my best friend. Thanks for the memory.

  17. found your link over at the trendy treehouse!

    this gumball machine is AWESOME!! what a great idea--i love how every piece came together almost accidentally. thanks for sharing!

  18. Awesome! When I first saw the pic, I thought it really was an actual gumball machine.

  19. Beyond Fabulous! I want one! :o)

  20. Very cool! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  21. I love this!

    Newest follow on GFC, Check us out at

  22. That is so CUTE. I may have to make one for B'day parties for my kiddos.


  23. FABULOUSO Sharon!!!!! Thanks so much for linking it up! :)

  24. I am trying to make the gumball machine from clay pots and I am running into a problem with the lid(saucer). The lid just sits on the top of the bowl and I am afraid that it will easily slip off. Any suggestion? Please help. I love yours. Great idea.


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