Monday, March 29, 2010

Easy Dollar Store Easter Candles and Holders

It's cloudy and rainy and COLD again it's a good day for an indoor project. I've become obsessed with putting things on pedestals...the bird, candles, dishes, apothecaries...anything! My original inspiration came from Nikki over at Nikki's Nifty Knacks. She did something similar with a dollar store candle holder. 
I really like it! I've wondered how I could do something with the glass holders that would match my decor.

Last time I was at the Dollar Tree, I found these and I love the shape of the tealight holder! They have these in alot of shapes and colors...LOTS of potential!
Weeelll,  the small galss pedestalcame from the thrift store, and it was only a quarter!
 I glued the glass flower-shaped tealight holder with Gorilla Glue Super Glue ( love that stuff!) 

and got started with the candle. It is weighs almost nothing and almost looks hollow? I had the feeling that it wouldn't burn long, so I deicded to try something I had seen done where I  had my daughters' wedding clandles made. I lit it and sure enough it melted quickly, so  I scraped around the edges of the melted area ( after blowing it out, of course) and hollowed out an area large enough to pop a tealight into.

I wrapped scrapbook paper around the candle and stapled and glued it in place. My daughter said it needed ribbon and guess what ribbon was handy? The ribbon that was wrapped around the box with the the tealight holder! I love it when things come together! I put the candle in the holder and surrounded it with small plastic eggs that really look like BIG Jelly beans.  I made another one and put them on the table on either side of my Dollar Tree Lily and Easter Egg bouquet!
I'm going to share these over at:
       Cottage Instincts                                                     

         Blue Cricket Design

It's looking like spring inside...I wish it looked and FELT like spring outside!


  1. love it. i may have to make me a set of them since i'm heading to the dollar store today anyway ;) thanks for sharing

  2. You so so so inspire me!!! I wish I could be so creative! I love your candle holders!

  3. How pretty those turned out!! Isn't it great what you can find at the $ Stores now? Lovin' the scrap book paper you added and how it added just the right touch of pizazz!!

    THanks for joining me for my first Easter Decor Day and Happy Easter to you and your family!


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