Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Painted Glass Pumpkin

I am still decorating for fall…making progress, slowly but surely. I am not doing a lot of decorating this year and trying to use what I have. I’ve sorted through some things and have a get rid of pile, a use this year pile, and a put up for another year pile. I also have a few things that are in the “undecided” category. I don’t really want to get rid of them, but I’m not sure what to do with them. One of them is a glass canister shaped  like a pumpkin.


Although I love apothecaries and glass jars in general, I’ve never bonded with the glass pumpkin. I like it’s shape, but it was just kind of there…blah….So I started thinking about what I could do to dress it up and give it some more personality. The first thing that usually comes to my mind for giving anything a makeover is spray paint! I spray painted the inside of a glass thingy that I used for a knob on my solar light.


I really like the glassy “finish” that you get when you paint the inside of something glass. So I decided to try and paint my pumpkin…what color? Why
Pumpkin Orange (by Krylon) of course!


I started with a light coat of primer and this time I used a primer for plastic from Valspar and it seemed to work well. It dried quickly and gave  the glass a slightly “rough” surface for the pain to adhere to, but the roughness disappeared once I painted it.


I learned from my son, to spray lightly….so lightly that it seems as though you are hardly getting any paint on and to do many coats! So I did about six or seven.

First Coat:


Third Coat:


About the Fifth:




I couldn’t really get down inside of the edge of the jar, but the lighter color there ended up looking like a natural color variation.  Works for me!


I had planned to paint the stem green, but since I couldn’t do it from the inside, I changed my mind. After painting the rest orange, I like the stem clear, picking up hints of the orange in the light.


I like it much better after it’s spray paint makeover, so I think I will move it to the “Keep” pile!

Happy Fall…again!

Since my glass pumpkin is all dressed up now, I will find it some places to go….

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  1. Oh my gosh, it went from blah to fabulous! I really like it painted...it looks so good! Great job.

  2. Love it!! Turned out great!!
    I too like it painted!

  3. Yeah ummm..... I'm pretty sure I gave you that pumpkin... and a matching apple. It looks really awesome though !!

  4. I love it! And what a cool idea, painting from the inside. I need to hit the dollar store again...

  5. great job! I don't know if I'd have the patience for all of those layers of spray paint, lol.

  6. I have a Christmas Tree just like that - and never have liked it but kept it every year - I think it's going green this year!

  7. What a difference spray paint can make! I need to take lessons from you and BA!

  8. I have that same glass pumpkin sitting on my dining room table. I have been wondering what in the world to do with it, and you just gave me a wonderful idea! Yours looks great! Thanks for posting!!

  9. Sharon, AWESOME!! - Where in the world did you find a glass pumpkin?? I have been wanting to make the solar lights for the lake.

    I just got on to The CSI Project - LOVE IT TOO!I wanted to thank you also for visiting my blog :)

    I really have no idea what I'm doing LOL!! I just realized today that I had comments. I'm gonna follow you... if that's ok? HAHAHA!!

  10. Hi Sharon, just wanted to let you know that I referenced your project in my Halloween project today. Thanks for the idea~

  11. That looks soooo good. It's amazing how different (and better) it looks with the orange paint. Very clever!!!

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