Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up and We’re Headed to Tybee Island!

Today we are headed to Tybee Island. We haven’t had a family, or any other kind of vacation in three years, so we are all very excited!!

This past weekend was very, very, full. I spent Saturday  helping with my daughter’s best    friend’s wedding. It was outside and we decorated with ivy and daisies.


It turned out so pretty! We also had a beautiful bride and matron of honor!


Yesterday was the final performance of our children’s Patch the Pirate Club at church. My younger boys are “sailors” and my girls and I work with the puppets.103_1160

They all did a great job! My 11 year old received the “Super Sailor Award” for the year. Way to go!

 103_1156 103_1157

Now all that’s left is to finish packing  food and clothes and then load the van! Oh, and to google nearby Good Will stores…no trip is complete without a visit to the local GW!

Hubby says we are going to “get away from everything for a while, and that includes the computer”….GASP! I’m NOT ready to stop blogging for a week!!! I’m still to new at this and I would MISS everyone, so I have a better idea, but sshhhh…don’t tell anyone, ok? I’ll just take you  with me. I’m going to go make some room in the van, we have an extra seat…it gets a little loud sometimes, but not too bad and I’ll tell the kids to use their “company behavior”. So, get comfy, you might want to bring your mp3 player, and don’t forget to strap in! Let’s go to Tybee Island and see some of Savannah!!

Well after a whole day of delays, we are finally on our way!



The seat in between my daughters is for you…I’d never make you sit in between my boys! LOL


Yes, that’s written in dust! We live a half a mile back on a dirt road! :-)


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  1. hope you guys have a lot of fun!!! I wish we could have gone:( Maybe next time! Love you guys!!!


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