Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Have a Winner!!

Wow! the time went by so quickly! It’s Wednesday, May 19th and time to announce the winner of my chalkboard and set of chalkboard markers! It seems like I just posted about it and now it’s over…kind of like my day yesterday!

So should I be mean and tell you about my day first, or should I announce the winner first? Hhmmm…well, since I’m a nice person, and you could just skip down and read it anyway, I’ll tell you first! LOL

Here ya go! Using the random number generator at and the numbers between 1 and 35, the number of comments on my giveaway post, this is the number generated…Drum roll please……..


True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max:35 Result: 23 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Congratulations to Veronica from Veronica’s Korner!!!!

You are the winner of my first ever giveaway! I will be in touch, or you can contact me if you read this first! :-)  I appreciate all the sweet comments, new friends and entries for the chalkboard set. If I could, I’d make one for everyone! Please go by and congratulate Veronica on her win!

I’m thinking of doing another giveaway…fairly soon and I’m also thinking of doing my first Link Party and perhaps combining them??? I’m thinking along the lines of a “Garden Party”  since I am really into my garden this year! How about the theme of gardening/outdoor/plant related projects, complete with some door prizes and ice cold fresh-squeezed lemonade? How does towards  the end of June sound, to give us all time to get some gardening and projects finished? Anyone interested?? Leave me a comment here! I’m off to plan!

Oh, I got so excited about the winning and the possibility of having a garden party that I almost forgot to tell you about my birthday! Yesterday went by soooo fast!! I started out at 10:30 to meet my sweet sis and mom-in-laws for lunch and shopping. We hit the local thrifts first and I found these:103_1116103_1119








I LOVE the plant stand and have  project in mind for it…maybe for the garden part?! I Have a couple of ideas for the candle stands too. The clay dish is actually a lid to a roaster I guess but I’m going to put some of my new plants in it!

When we got hungry we went to a local deli and had lunch. I had the best hamburger (should be called steak burger)! They grind their meat for the burgers on the premises. Then, about the time I finished, I heard the dreaded “Happy Birthday” being sung by the owner and his crew as they brought out a piece of cake with a candle in it! I was totally embarrassed and of course, no one thought to take pictures! It was fun! ;-)

We ended the day at a local nursery and everyone bought me plants! I couldn’t be more thrilled! Some of them are new to me like this double Selona Begonia:

 103_1118 103_1117

They look beautiful in a hanging basket! I’m going to try mine out in a clay tipsy planter! :) I finally remembered the camera and had someone take a picture! 

blog pics 130

blog pics 132

I got home around 4, just in time to drink some coffee and head out to the ball bark. One son had a game locally and one in the next county. We divided up and conquered, well half conquered. My older son’s team won! Then we followed up with a team party at a Down Town Pizza. My family all came and we all ate there. We had plans of coming home for dessert, but were too full! My kids insisted on singing and a candle, so without a dessert, my daughter held the candle for me as they sang and then had me blow it out!  blog pics 134

My Hubby gave me some more perennials for my garden


and my family ordered me a new computer screen! This is how my computer has looked for about the last six months! After a tumble to the floor, it started having issues that slowly,got worse. I ended up having to clamp it to hold the screen just in the right position! Hey, it works…and started some great conversations!


It was a great birthday, but enough rambling!

Congrats again Veronica!



  1. Happy Birthday dear one! Sounds and looks like you had a fabulous day! Love all the flowers! Those begonias are amazing!!! They will look perfect in one of your tipsy planters for sure.
    And I love what you scored at the yard sale. Very cool!!

  2. Love the plant stand...can't see it fulfilled. ;)

    Happy Birthday.

  3. I would love to participate in your garden party, so keep me posted. Also, I really like the plant stand. (I have a thing for wrought iron.) I think the begonia would look great in there. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. I just happened upon your site and see that you had a birthday yesterday...Happy Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was such an enjoyable day!

    So you're new to blogging? Isn't the world of blogging fun! I've enjoyed every minute of it and have made so many great friends. I've met 2 blogging friends in person and know they will be lifelong friends. It just amazes me how close we feel to our blogging buddies!

  5. Oh my gosh I really won. Thanks so much. I will email you my address.


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