Friday, May 7, 2010

My Experience Spray Painting Plastic…

I received a comment on my Easy Stone Look Planter from Tru that made me stop and think..She asked “Does the textured paint adhere to the primer? Does it rub off? When I contacted Rustoleum earlier, they told me only paint for plastic could be used over the plastic primer.”

I guess that I was so excited and in such a hurry that I never thought to ask…I just took Rustoleum at their “word” on the can:

blog pics 128

It says “paint plastic with any color and superior top coat adhesion and durability.” So I primed with the plastic primer assuming that it would “prime” the plastic for paint.  Then I used the MultiColor Textured Paint that is not plastic specific.

blog pics 127

They looked good when I finished but  I haven’t planted in them yet. I went ahead and checked them out for durability.

I started on the inside where it was mostly over spray and not much if any primer         (I don’t really spray the inside very much as they will be filled with dirt!) and (cringe) I scratched…you can see below that the paint did scratch up.


In the next picture, it is still on the inside, but closer to the top where there is more primer and definitely more paint. Nothing came up when I scratched, but when I dug at it, I did get some to come up.  104_5910

Then I held my breath and scratched the outside where I had primered twice and sprayed several coats of the paint.


NOTHING came up! :o) Yay! and I really tried!

In the next one, if you can see it, there was a spot that got messed up during painting.  I thought for sure that if I scratched here where the paint was already weak that it would come up more, but it DIDN’T!


They have cured about week and I didn’t scrape them with anything metal…just my fingernail, really hard but  I am comfortable saying that these are pretty durable.

I may have to share with Rustoleum how well this worked for me! :-)

Paint away!


  1. Very cool! Now I'll have to try; although where I have in mind will be outdoors. Sometimes I think the "experts" at big companies just tell you what they WANT you to hear, so they can sell the newer higher priced items.

  2. I used this paint on previously painted wood and a ceramic bowl for this project:
    I just used a regular primer. The planter has been outside through several storms one within 24 hours of painting) and shows no signs of peeling. Another option would be to use a sealer as a final coat. Good Luck!

  3. I have never tried the Rustoleum for plastic, but it sounds like a winner!

  4. Ah, two coats of primer does the trick, eh? Nice to know.


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