Saturday, October 22, 2011

So How Hard Can it Be…

To just write a post and stick it out there? No long explanations to catch everyone up on why I haven’t blogged all summer. Is it really necessary to go into all the details or just start posting and share what I’ve got? Hmmmm…??? I’m a “fill you in on all the details kind of gal”, so it IS kind of hard for me. I’ve written many, MANY blog posts in my head over the last months. I’ve even done some projects and remembered to take a few pics! But it’s time for me to get going again, I’ve truly missed blogging, sharing and chatting with all of you. I know if I wait ‘til I have time for all the details and excuses, I’ll never get back at it. How about I just jump in with what I’ve been working on and throw in a few details to catch everyone up along the way?
Alrighty then, here goes! Fall is my favorite time of year! I have always loved decorating for fall, even more than for Christmas. But, like my blog, my seasonal decorating is waaaayyyy behind. I’m actually just getting started for fall. I have been working on several things and can’t wait  to share them over the next week. I’m going to start with a fall and Halloween project since Halloween is so close. Some of you may remember my Family Word Art Printable from Valentines Day.

Family copy
Ever since I have done that project, I’ve wondered what else could be Mod Podged to a tile in the name of “art”? Well, I’ve done many  such projects “in my mind” and a couple with my hands. Here is the first one.
Tile craft (2)
I found the artwork at Tea for Two Scraps. There are some great digital scrapbooking freebies there! Many of them would look good on a tile! I chose this one
and added “Welcome Fall” to the bottom using Photoshop Elements. Then, I used the tissue paper printing technique that so many folks are using to print for canvases. I  printed the image out on tissue paper, using an inkjet printer. In order to get the tissue to go through the printer, you have to first tape it to a piece of cardstock or thick paper.
print on tissue
I’ve also used glue sticks and that works great too! Print it on “general everyday” printing mode so that you don’t saturate the tissue. Oh, you want to print on the NON-shiny side! After printing, remove the tissue from the cardstock and cut out the picture.
welcome fall
Next apply a layer of Mod Podge to your tile. I found a 6x6 at a thrift store that had cut edges.
tile craft (2)
The colors were also perfect for the print! When you lay your tissue down over the tile, be sure that you have it centered. The tissue doesn’t come up too easily for repositioning…smooth outward as you go. No need to weight the image down, the tissue almost immediately “fades” into the tile!
mod podge on tile After it has dried a little, but not too much, I use my fingernail to tear away the edge of the image.This helps add to the appearance that the image is actually painted on the tile.
Tile craft
Let this dry. I sometimes put it in a warm spot to speed this step up!  When it’s dry, brush another layer of Mod Podge on the top, brushing in one direction. After this layer dries, you will brush the second coat on in the other direction. As it dries, it will take on a canvas effect! While it the final coat is drying, I spray painted a little stand that I had picked up earlier today at a thrift store.
I had first hoped that the tile would work too, but it had too much gray in it. So I had to use one from a previous thrift store trip! Price was  the same…a whopping 25 cents!
 thrift store find
I used oil Rubbed Bronze on the stand.
 Keen Inspirations
It is the perfect size for the tile and even has leaves on it! Don’t you just love it when a project comes together? You can’t beat a finished project for about a dollar either!
Here are two more images that I think would look great on tile or canvas…if you like spooky stuff! :
spooky witch copy2Spooky cat copy
Even though I am not “artistic” and can’t draw a straight line or paint, I can get a little creative with Photoshop and I made these!  I started with some photos that my 13 year old son had taken. Now, those of you who know me, know that our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween but these pictures got me thinking about my niece, Melissa, who does!
     100_3662                                100_3687
They really were just asking to be made into something “spooky”. I plopped them into Photoshop and went looking for some Halloween images. I found the witch at The Graphics Fairy and the cat and bats via google image search. I had to edit the witch a bit, then I played around with them until I was happy…
So Melissa, these are for you! I hope you aren’t all decorated for your party yet…and I hope you don’t mind me sharing them! If you would like to download them, click on the image and the full size image will open in a new window. Right click again and “save image as…”. I would love to know how you would use them!
Happy to be back at it!

Partying at these fun spots!

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  1. Glad you are back. I like to decorate more for fall than Christmas too!

  2. Photoshop is so fun to use and I love what you did with it!
    The tile turned out beautifully!!'

  3. Awesome! I love this, and am already making some Christmas ones in my mind! (hopefully I will get to do some with my hands also :D)Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the witch! I bet you could get a piece of plexi cut to a window size at the hardware store, MP on the witchy image, then glue dot it or tape it to a window. It would look great with the moonlight shining through!
    Found you through TCB. Cheers!

  5. Great ideas...thanks for sharing them. It's good to get those things out of your head! LOL I have a few stuck right now myself! I'm hoping some inspiration will get them out soon!

  6. Fun project with so many variations! Love it!

    Welcome back! Praying that everything is okay. {hug}. I've missed you! :)


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