Saturday, January 15, 2011

LOTT’S Going on this Weekend!

No, I didn’t misspell LOT’s, I borrowed Amy’s Spelling from her blog, A Latte with Ott, A. She is hosting an Iron Chef Challenge and has asked me to participate. It is going on now on her blog. You can click on the button in my sidebar to find out more about it. It goes for four months with different ingredients each month. January’s ingredient is duck! I’ve never cooked with duck before, but am up to the challenge. I’ve found a recipe and am off to find some Maple Leaf Duck! They are the sponsors of this month’s challenge. We are off to the big city of Atlanta today, so surely I will be able to find some there…our little town must not have much call for duck, cuz I can’t find it in any of our two whole grocery stores or “small”-Mart the new version of Walmart going in around rural Amercia..

So while I am gone to the big City today (with the hopes of stopping at a Dollar Tree!) I will leave you with some giveaways to check out along with Amy’s Iron Chef Challenge.

House of Hepworths is having an awesome giveaway this weekend from

Check it out here:


And Kristin from Betty Crocker Wannabe is launching her new endeavor


She is offering a free blog makeover!!! Check it out here:


That should keep everyone busy if you are still snowed in…if not get out and enjoy some sunshine! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Thankfully I am not snowed snow at all! I am lovin' that for sure.
    Good luck on your duck hunt!!!

  2. You won the photo book giveaway...send me your address and I will send you the book!!! :)

  3. WOW Tracey!!! I rarely win anything...Thanks so much!!

  4. Thanks for the shout out. Hope you find some duck, and I love the new header and blog design. Looks great!!!


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