Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Blog Was Interrupted to Allow Life to Happen…

…but I think the major interruption is over…at least I hope so! A quick synopsis: Mother-in-law’s breast cancer surgery (she’s doing very well), quickly followed by a nephew’s crisis that almost cost him his life (he’s doing much better), starting a new home school and home school co-op year (we are off to a good start) and my “health issues” which I think we have figured out, and are, thankfully, not life threatening. I’m, ahem, getting older and have entered that stage of life that every woman dreads, and it begins with an “M”! :-) I never knew that there are so many physical symptomns that can be experienced! I’m glad to know that I’m not about to  check out at any moment (I have had some major heart palpitations…no fun)! I think that wondering what was going on was  half my battle, but things are much better now! ;-) Then you can throw in MUCH everyday life, laundry and lots of places to be. It keeps one away from the spray paint and the computer! :-)

So all that  to say that there wasn’t much physical or emotional strength left for projects or blogging….but I’m ready to blog again! I have been so inspired by all the fall decorating!!! So stay tuned ( or should I say, please tune back in, as I’m ready to join the fall festivities! 

To get my kick off my fall decorating, I gave my blog a little fall makeover. It was very easy using the background and accessories from The Cutest Blog on the Block.

The picture in the frame in my banner is one taken by my daughter last year. It is what we see pulling up our driveway.

Thank you all for your comments and emails wondering where I have been. It was so nice to be missed:-)

So glad to be back!


  1. Mom!! So glad you posted again!:) Love the new layout!!!

  2. Sharon, WOW -- so much going on. Hard to find the time to get a good breath, isn't it? I'm glad that your mother-in-law and nephew are doing well. My mother also had a mastectomy due to breast cancer week before last. What a difficult time for a woman, and it seems like breast cancer eventually affects everyone's family.

    In reference to your health issues, about the time you think you have the newest symptoms figured out, a whole new crop of them will appear (haha -- minor issues, like night sweats). When in doubt, you can just blog about it and we who have been riding this roller coaster will help you through it. It really isn't too bad once you know what's happening.

    Creating, crafting, blogging are all wonderful outlets to release some of the stress that menopause can bring with it. I'm so happy you are back!

  3. Welcome back!!!! The only good news about menopause is that the symptoms eventually pass! I went through it early in my life and most all traces of it are gone. Thankfully!
    Of course, there will always be those hairs in places that they shouldn't be and things sagging. But I won't go there! Ha!

  4. Hey Sharon,
    Hang in there and know you are not alone!
    Love your blog it is so fall festive!!
    Enjoy your day!


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