Friday, July 23, 2010

How my garden grows…

…first very slowly….and then it takes off and I can’t keep up!! There has been a lot going on at the Keen Homestead…hence not much blogging going on, or gardening either! It’s a good thing the garden can exist on auto pilot for a while! Yesterday morning  picked these. The first of the cucumbers and close to the last of the squash! I have a second planting of squash that I hope will produce before it gets too cool.


These are my cucumber vines


The front section is “volunteers” and I thought they were cucs, but turned out they are these gourds! I’ll have a nice little display for fall!



These “volunteered” too and I’m not sure what they are, but they’ll look good in a basket this fall too!


Bell and Banana Peppers

106_7668 106_7667

My Veggie Skewer Markers


106_7676  Eggplant is looking good!   106_7675  106_7677 





My tomatoes are sloooow growing this year. Roma are one of my favorites for sauce and salsa!


My second planting of blue lake beans!


The first planting yielded 21 quarts plus 5 meals of fresh beans.

The only fertilizer that I have used is composted manure and manure tea.

Next week I’ll be weeding and covering the “walkways” with cardboard and hay in my efforts to have a mostly weedless garden! :-)

I’ll be sharing my garden at  BT_Button OutdoorWednesdaylogo5544Copy_of_001

Come with me and  see what’s growing!


  1. Your garden is amazing!
    I have questions!
    Do you start everything from seed?
    When you do a second planting, do you do the second one from seed also?

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  2. Sharon, what a wonderful and just awesome garden! You must be a master gardener from the looks of everything!

    We have traveled to the North Ga. mountain area, what awesome place to live!


  3. Your garden is looking so good and those gourds will look great in a basket!!!
    My tomatoes are slow going this year as well. Nights too cool!!

  4. Your garden is gorgeous! You're inspiring me to get out there tomorrow morning (ow, pain, MORNING) to work on my own garden projects.

  5. Love, love the fresh veggies!!

  6. How wonderful. Everything is so beautiful and healthy. Compost and compost tea are really the only way to go. My Mom and I started doing that about four years ago and we also use fish emulsion once in a while.

    Enjoy the abundance of your garden!

  7. Sharon,
    I am coming to dinner...those veggies look fantastic!! You also know I am a pathetic gardener luckily my husband will grow it if I harvest, can or freeze it. So that works!
    Enjoy your day!

  8. Sharon, my garden has not done well at all. I don't know what I did wrong this year. I've got one good cucumber plant that is JUST now starting to have cucumbers on it. I planted it the first week in May. It's been really weird. My tomatoes were doing good until I fed them a 2nd time at someone's suggestion. Seven plants have just dried up... as well as a couple of cucumber and squash. It's obvious that I don't know a thing about gardening. Hopefully I'll have a few tomatoes and a few cucumbers this year. Maybe I'll be lucky and have some squash. Don't know what I'm doing wrong in this lasagna bed. I followed the instructions. Didn't know it could go wrong. I guess we'll see what happens in the fall when I want to plant lettuce!

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  10. You have a beautiful garden! I'm jealous of all of your wonderful harvest! We're just starting to warm up here in the Pacific Northwest. Ours will be coming soon too!

  11. What a beautiful garden. I wish mine was that big. It looks like you'll be harvesting for weeks to come!

  12. Your veggie garden is looking good. Are those stakes in the Cuke bed? I'm trying to figure out the best way to grow them, mine are on a trellis. :)

  13. What a great veggie garden! I have been so hungry for some fresh-from-the-garden vegetables. I only have flowers, so I will have to find a Farmer's market to get some.

  14. YOur garden looks great, my tomatoes are slow this year too! I have a split cabbage I have to get to, due to over 3 inches of rain last night!

  15. Your veggies look wonderful! What fun to have volunteer gourds. I would love that! Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

  16. Yoru veggies look awesome and I LOVE your markers! Paula in Idaho

  17. you seem to have the touch with the veggies!!! fantastic flaunt this week! thanks for linking in!

  18. Your garden is wonderful. I love the way you mulch your garden with compost manure and a manure tea. I love your squash and peppers. They are really growing well. All of your volunteers are also doing well. I hope that you now know what your volunteers are.

  19. I love you site--found it on Facebook and wanted to know how you started your Lasagna garden. I found out about this method AFTER garbage collection. I like the way you use whatever you have. I think I can do this too. Your vegetable garden is inspiring! csyama


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